"DOT380 rounds. A magazine for the Ingram M11."
— Item examination - English
"DOT380弾 イングラムM11用マガジンだ "
— Item examination - Japanese

M.G. Bullets (サブマシンガンの弾 sabumashingan no tama?) is an ammunition item in Resident Evil 2.


Extra ammo for the S. Machine Gun can only be find in scenario B under specific circumstances.

First of all, when playing scenario A, the S. Machine Gun find in the Weapons Storage in the Police Station must be left to the other character. Then, once reaching the Underground Laboratory, its necessary to register the "Guest" username on the console in the B5F computer room and use it to open the first lock of the B4F culture room.

Submachinegun rounds loc.jpg

After getting the S. Machine Gun in scenario B, the same procedure of registering and using a "Guest" user must be made to finally unlock the culture room. The ammunition can be find inside, near the corpse of a USS operative (the S. Machine Gun will appear here instead if not taken earlier).


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