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For the Resident Evil 2 remake item, see M19.
"A relatively powerful handgun. It's in bad condition, but it still looks usable."
— Inventory description

The M19 Handgun (ハンドガンM19 hando gan M 19?) is a firearm in Resident Evil 7 Teaser Demo: Beginning Hour as well as in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


It uses Handgun Ammo and holds 7 rounds at a time; 3 less compared to the G17 Handgun, compensated by its slightly higher damage per shot and higher critical head shot rate.

Beginning Hour[]

In the demo, the M19 Handgun is located in the bathroom in the toilet and can only be picked up after flushing which can only be done by using the Valve Handle on the pipe first. Upon interacting with it, an animation plays where the character physically reaches to pick it up then racks it.

Main game[]

In the main game, the player finds it in the same house but it is placed in a different room. The player can find it on Guest House 3F in the room before the path leading to the attic.

The weapon can later be made by combining the Broken Handgun found in a trailer outside in the backyard and a Repair Kit.

Ethan Must Die[]

The M19 can be randomly found in 3-star purple boxes.