An M314 mini-gun is a high-power rotary machine gun used by several branches of the US military.

In Resident Evil: Apocalypse

After waking up Nemesis, the Umbrella Corporation drops him two weapons from a helicopter, an M314 mini-gun and a custom-made rocket launcher. While hunting through the city, Nemesis uses his mini-gun to massacre S.T.A.R.S., kill Peyton Wells and engage Alice in combat.

After arriving at Raccoon City Hall, Nemesis discards both of his weapons to fight Alice in unarmed combat on Major Timothy Cain's orders. After Alice refuses to kill Nemesis upon realizing that he is a mutated Matt Addison, Nemesis retrieves his mini-gun and is ordered to kill Alice. Instead, apparently recognizing Alice or recognizing that she is not his enemy and Umbrella is, Nemesis uses his mini-gun to kill the two Umbrella troopers guarding Alice, setting her free and giving her group the chance to fight back. In the firefight that follows, Nemesis uses his mini-gun to mow down multiple Umbrella troopers until it runs out of ammunition, forcing Nemesis to discard the weapon.


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