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"A pump-action shotgun. Shots have a wide spread, so they're more effective up close."
— Inventory description.

M37 Shotgun (ショットガンM37 shottoganM37?) is a weapon that appears in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


The weapon packs considerably high firepower and is able to knock enemies over with a single shot at close-range. The M37 Shotgun has a wide pellet spread and packs comparatively less firepower in contrast to the M21 Shotgun's tight spread and staggering damage. It does however, has an advantage in capacity, being able to hold 4 shells compared to the M21 Shotgun's 2. Akin to all other shotguns in the game, it takes up two inventory slots.

Main game[]

The M37 Shotgun is located in the Main Hall 1F of the Main House in the hands of a soldier statue. Taking it will cause the door leading out close and lock. Only by putting it back can the door be opened again. This can be circumvented by placing the Broken Shotgun or the Model Shotgun into the statue's hands. Upon first acquisition, a unique animation of Ethan checking the weapon will play.

It comes loaded with no shells and the ammunition for it is relatively uncommon and there is no way to create more unlike most other weapons in the game.


The M37 Shotgun can be crafted for 100 Scrap. The "Shotgun Upgrade" Skill will affect this weapon.

Ethan Must Die[]

The M37 Shotgun appears where it can be randomly found in 3-star purple boxes.

Jack's 55th Birthday[]

The M37 is available in the Item Box on the stages "Guest House 1", "Guest House 2", "Testing Area 2", and "Main House 2".

It will also shoot confetti when fired.


Further notes[]

  • The steps to acquire the shotgun in this game is a nod to the first Resident Evil, where the player has to replace the Shotgun with a broken one to deactivate a trap.