The Machine Pistol-Accurate Fire, or MP-AF for short, is a weapon found in Resident Evil 6. The MP-AF is one of the two main weapons for BSAA operative Piers Nivans.


This weapon is exclusive to Piers Nivans during Chris's campaign. The MP-AF is a direct contrast to its fellow machine pistol, the Ammo Box 50. It is highly accurate, able to consistently land shots even when set to full-auto. As one would expect, it lacks the firepower of an assault rifle (though it is still more powerful than the Ammo Box 50), but has minimal recoil in comparison. This weapon is able to switch between single-fire mode and fully automatic. Since it uses 9mm ammo, the player has an advantage as far as inventory management is concerned but rapidly burns up ammo if used extensively. Similarly, it takes a considerable number of bullets to fell an average J'avo, leaving it better used to set up melee attacks than to simply mow through an enemy.

In The Mercenaries in Resident Evil 6, the MP-AF is a part of Piers' Default loadout as well as Ada Wong's Costume 1/2 loadout. In Siege it is used by Helena in her EX loadout and in Predator and Survivors it is used by Piers and Jake in their default loadouts.


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