MP-AF is a weapon in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.

Compared to MP-AB50 in campaign,it has less firepower,more recoil,less customization slot space but at the benefit of having a faster firing speed.

In raid mode,it is the second most powerful but at the cost of slower firing speed compared to other machine pistols.


Name MP-AF
Firepower 60.00
Firing Rate 15.00
Capacity 40
Parts slots 3
Campaign description
Machine pistol with blazing fast rapid-fire. Powerful, but runs through ammo quickly.
Raid Mode description


This weapon can be found in Claire's episode 3 after reaching an underground cemetery just before entering the tower, in a room with a coffin. To take it, however, player need to solve a puzzle to open the gate.

  1. Find a grave with nothing on it and activate it.
  2. Go to the far back and look for the star on the grave that face the front. Activate it.
  3. Find a grave with broken pillar. Go back by one row, and then three to the left. Activate it
  4. Activate the grave with broken pillar.



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