"A small, standard power handgun acquired on the wrecked ship."

The MPM Handgun (ハンドガンMPM hando gan MPM?) is a weapon that appears in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


The MPM Handgun can be obtained during Mia's segment. On Easy and Normal it is located in the Maintenance Room inside a desk drawer on Wrecked Ship 1F. On Madhouse difficulty, it is located on Wrecked Ship 3F in Sick Bay, on top of a desk just as you walk in the room. When it is found for the first time, it is loaded with 2 Handgun Ammo.

It deals the same amount of damage as the G17 Handgun and can hold up to nine bullets. After rescuing Ethan, the weapon, along with what were in Mia's inventory, are automatically transferred to his Item Box.

Ethan Must Die

The MPM Handgun can be found randomly in 2-Star ranked boxes.


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