For its 1998 counterpart, see S. Machine Gun.

"24-round capacity .380 ACP submachine gun with an extremely high rate of fire. Usually used for spraying an area with bullets."
— Inventory description - English

— Inventory description - Japanese

The MQ 11 is a submachine gun that appears in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


RE2make MQ 11

The weapon location.

Located inside the Armory of S.T.A.R.S office, requires the USB Dongle Key to obtain it.


The MQ 11 is a submachine gun in the game; its maximum magazine size is 24 by default which can make it challenging for first time users to handle because of its high firing speed and moderate recoil. To counteract this it's recommended to fire in short bursts on large targets (moving closer to target), or to simply wait until it's upgraded with the Suppressor. It can further be upgraded with its High-Capacity Mag., bringing its capacity to 50 rounds, making it a formidable weapon against a variety of foes.

Additionally, with the Suppressor equipped, this weapon will not alarm Lickers unless the player hits it directly. Powerful and versatile, the MQ 11 can quickly become Claire's boss killing weapon in the hands of pros.

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