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MUSICAL BIOHAZARD ~ Voice of Gaia ~ is set in an unspecified year where the threat of bioterrorism has continued to increase in extremity. Much of the story is set in and around the walled Croatian city of Dubrovnik, on the Adriatic seacoast, which faces attack from "Them", zombies infected by an ancient virus. The survivors in Dubrovnik are protected by both their wall and by music, as melodies are known to calm Them, surprising their violent urges.

Act 1

Act 1 begins with the leader of an Alaskan research team, Brian, on the phone to a friend named George. He describes the recent discovery in Alaska of a frozen whale preserved for three million years. Creatures were discovered in its body and came to life, attacking a member of his team, Catherine. Sick with a virus, Brian sent a sample to Professor Dan Gibson in Maryland in hopes he would develop a vaccine. During Gibson's trials, the woman transformed into a Zombie and spread the virus across the research team. Brian, close to death, warns George to send a team to burn the place down and seize Gibson's sample so the virus would pose no further threat. He is then killed by the Zombies. Alerted to the crisis, a special forces team heads out to apprehend Dr. Gibson. Lisa Martin (Reon Yuzuki) helps Dr. Gibson escape from the United States, but develops memory problems as a result of injury in the escape.

Sometime later, and living in the Croatian walled city of Dubrovnik, Lisa looks over at the sea with Jilma Chavez (Haruki Kasugaya) as they wait for the arrival a band of raiders. As Dubrovnik has been cut off from the outside world by a viral outbreak, their only lifeline is the raiding of food from nearby towns. Marco (KYOHEI) and Lovro return, their band having been ambushed by Zombies at a market and their supplies lost in the struggle along with five men. There is only a week's supply of food left and the Zombies are now flocking to its walls, preventing any mass escape by the townspeople.

Marco begins to feel tired, leading quickly to suspicions of his health. Bernard Chavez forces his sleeves up to reveal a bite mark. Chavez aims his handgun at Marco, intent to kill him with the dignity of being human. Lisa desperately pleads he not fire, but Marco transforms anyway and is shot. Chavez demands Lovro show him where he was bitten, but he pleads he wasn't. As the townspeople wonder what to do with only one week's supply, Lovro passes on a rumour about a girl from the island of Linosa found to be immune to the virus. Dr. Gibson hails the girl as their last hope for a vaccine. To get there, Gibson proposes they travel over the Italian border to the American air base in Aviano where he will explain the situation to the military and secure air travel to the island. To get to the base in light of a petrol shortage, he proposes a team of cyclists ride there. Lovro offers to join Gibson in his quest. Chavez refuses the offer to join the team as he won't leave Jilma on his own; Zelg takes his place on the team.

The Zombies reach the city wall, making it hard for the team to leave. Roberto (Shigehito Naoto/Naoto Kaiho) offers the solution as a music festival on the city's south side. Zombies are sensitive to loud noises, and Dubrovnik had been kept quiet to prevent attracting attention. In Roberto's plan, the Zombies will be so distracted at the city's south side, the team can cycle out northwards. Chavez wants no part in the plan, and is the sole opposition to it. Roberto, Gibson and Lisa discuss their further actions for the event, planned for the next day. Having heard of Zombies in Japan failing to reach Mizusawa Station due to sensitivity to the wind chimes, Roberto hands two metal rods to Gibson to serve as protection; Gibson hands them back should the city be attacked. Gibson and Lisa speak alone. He intends to hand her medication that may hold off infection, but Lisa insists he keep it.

In the Chavez' household, Jilma asks his father why he won't leave with Gibson. Jilma insists he is old enough to look after himself. It is discussed how Chavez killed his infected wife during the outbreak and, while Jilma understands his reasoning, still harbours hostility to him after a grief-stricken Chavez burnt all photographs of her. Jilma leaves the dinner table without eating, leaving his father to cry on his own.

In the morning, the townspeople wake up and get ready to rehearse for Roberto's music festival. Gibson, Lovro and Zelg ready their bicycles as the main show readies. Chavez interrupts it when he finds his son is missing, but the townspeople are sure he music will lure him out of hiding. Roberto announces their starting song will be one he wrote for the Summer festival before the viral outbreak led to music being banned. Lisa stands above the town with Jilma, watching the Zombies from the gatehouse; Jilma is put in charge of reporting on Zombie movements. Zelg also looks over the walls, and sees how the Zombies have been calmed by the music and don't appear violently aggressive. With the distraction working better than expected, Gibson; Lovro and Zelg ride off out of the city.

With the music over, the Zombies return to their aggressive state and, in great number, try to break through the gate. The townspeople are unable to keep safe, and the Zombies tear holes and enter the city. Chavez, having only just found his son, races down to the ground to shoot the Zombie invaders, later switching to hitting them with a pole. Lisa arms herself with the pole and, instinctively, is able to defeat the Zombies with martial prowess. The remaining townspeople manage to patch up the gate, and they are safe again. Realising she may have more talents, Lisa insists on heading out to join Gibson's team. Chavez offers to head out with Lisa, as his son is infected and only has at best two days.

Act 2

Lisa and Chavez reach Aviano Air Base, which appears deserted though the two are sure there are soldiers inside. Having found three sets of bike tracks, Lisa is adamant Gibson's team was here. Lisa and Chavez are cornered by soldiers; Lisa asks for asylum as a friend of Gibson, but the team respond be attacking them. In the struggle, Lisa finds that one of the soldiers is Marco, who she thought dead at Dubrovnik.

Lisa is put in confinement with Zelg and Lovro. The two describe how Gibson was separated from them and put on a Hercules C-130 heading out of Italy, though they are not sure he was heading for Linosa but being taken in captivity. The soldier Lisa saw earlier enters the room to collect her, considered to be Gibson's accomplice. Lisa insists he must be Marco or otherwise a twin, but he claims not to know the man she is speaking of.

Lisa is interrogate by the air base's commanding officer, Colonel Maurice Green. Green informs her Gibson is on his way to the US mainland to stand trial. Green sends up Dr. Joe Knaggs, who accuses her and Gibson of being bioterrorists. The virus had been delivered to the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases facility in Maryland. A researcher was infected and spread the virus out of the building; Zombies were knocked out with gunfire and mistaken for dead, allowing them to spread through the hospitals when they regained consciousness. Gibson stands accused of planning these events. Green and Dr. Knaggs also add that Lisa is a research student from Stanford University who died several years ago and who's funeral Knaggs attended. The interrogation is cut-off when the airbase gets a radio message from Gibson, announcing he has hijacked the C-130. Chavez and his son raid the office, having freed Lovro and Zelg. With no other transport planes but single-seat F22s, which no one is trained to use, the Dubrovnik locals cannot force their way to the island. Green relents and suggests they go to the naval base in Gaeta and take the understaffed submarine USS Wyoming berthed there, which he will have to take command of. Scott is given orders to fly an F22 to Linosa, expecting Gibson to be there.

The Wyoming sets for Linosa. The civilians hear that the submarine has received orders for Operation: WALKING DEAD, but its meaning is classified. Dr. Knaggs explains that because of the Zombies' roaming state, the infected on the Eurasian continent will inevitably rely on China and India for sustenance. WALKING DEAD is a NATO plan to halt the spread of infection by wiping out India and China before the Zombies can reach them, eliminating a huge portion of the human population with nuclear missiles. Wyoming is one of five Ohio-class submarines with such orders; each ship has 120 nuclear missiles each twenty-times the power of Fat Man. The only way to prevent this mass destruction is if Gibson finds a vaccine.

Gibson flies over the island and, with nowhere to land, demands the pilot give him a parachute. The pilot, willing to believe his innocence, allows it. Scott gets in contact with him and asks for a sitrep. There is no girl on the island; only Zombies. Scott lands to provide backup for Gibson. Gibson considers the island fell because the girl was a carrier only mistaken for immune, with the rest of the island population transforming after being given her blood. Gibson reveals to Scott he is infected, after being bitten by a Zombie. In a song he describes how the government prevented him from destroying the sample at Maryland, and sent Lisa to him to seduce him and steal back the sample. She suffered amnesia from a tranquilliser dart after taking it.

The Wyoming comes to alert when a group of Black Mobies is detected heading to the ship. Torpedoes are launched and a Black Moby is blown up. A second torpedo is prepared for launch as a larger Black Moby scrapes the hull. Jilma pleads to Colonel Green to stop the attack, believing the whales will only get more aggressive when attacked again. Green accepts and has the engines halted so as no to offend the whales further; the Black Moby group moves away. Jilma then passes out from his infection. When he wakes up, Jilma considers the whales have antibodies to defeat the virus, as them abandoning the attack would suggest they did not suffer brain damage as typical in infection. Dr. Jo suggests they take a blood sample from the whales and inject a sample into Jilma. As Lisa gets the sample, Jilma begins convulsing and Gibson considers killing himself and his son together. Lisa arrive in time to prevent it and Knaggs injects Jilma with the blood. Jilma survives, but Knaggs warns NATO will not accept the single survival of a boy without serious assurances from a senior virologist that the treatment works; otherwise Operation: WALKING DEAD will take place. Such a person would have to be Dr. Gibson, but the Black Mobies are preventing the submarine from reaching Linosa. If the Black Mobies are infected, Lisa argues, they will be susceptible to music so suggests a Capella to lure the whales to them while she takes a raft to free Gibson. Chavez and Lovro offer their services as the Black Mobies eagerly follow the submarine.

Reaching the island, Lisa; Chavez and Lovro begin fighting the island's Zombie population in search of Gibson. Lisa finds Scott, but he is found to be a Zombie and attacks Lovro. Lisa kills Scott, but is only able to kill Lovro after his pleas. Lisa finds Gibson unconscious and injects him with the blood. She finds he injected himself with the medication to prevent Zombification, which rendered him comatose. The Zombies cease their aggression, thanks to Roberto and Zelg, who had boarded a second C-130. Gibson wakes up, but has amnesia and cannot remember Lisa. Later on in the submarine, Roberto is congratulated by Green for saving Gibson, who Knaggs makes clear only lost his memories of Lisa and his USARMIID work and should otherwise work well in developing a future vaccine. As they return to Dubrovnik, they are greeted by Zelg, who has stolen a helicopter from the air base to help Lisa get to the United States to carry out research work at USARMIID.

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