The Machine Gun is a weapon featured in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. It features a belt feed and high ammo capacity. The Minimi must be purchased with [8000 XP] in order to be used by players.

The Machine Gun has been shown to be TWEED's weapon on choice in official material.[1]


This gun is the halfway point between the light machine gun and the Heavy Machine Gun. It has a moderate ammunition capacity; greather than that of the light machine gun, but less than the heavy machine gun. It fires from a 100-round detachable box magazine.


"The Machine Gun is an automatic heavy weapon that rapidly fires medium rounds. It's reputation for potent sustained rates of fire has made it one of the most commonly used squad support weapons in the military."
— In Game Description
Damage ORC bar 5 Range ORC bar 6
Blood Frenzy ORC bar 5 Rate of Fire ORC bar 4
Accuracy ORC bar 2 Ammo ORC bar 9


Campaign locations
USS On map? Enemy drop? Echo Six On map? Enemy drop?
5: Expendable - Yes 1: Eye of the Storm 1 No
6: Redemption 1 No 5: Root of All Evil - Yes


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