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 The Machine Gun P90 is a weapon featured in Resident Evil Revelations. It is used by Parker Luciani during the Terragrigia flashbacks and is also used by Jessica Sherawat during the search for Jill and Parker.


Machine Gun P90 Campaign Stats

Firepower 90
Auto Fire 2.50
Capacity 60
Custom Slots 3

Jill Valentine can acquire this weapon by completing a "Supply Mission" obtained by streetpassing in Raid Mode (this is completely random). In Raid mode, the P90 is one of the many weapon in the "Machine Gun" class and can either be purchased from the shop or given as a bonus after the raid mission is completed.

In Campaign mode, on Casual and Normal, the P90 is only usable by Parker Luciani during the two Terragrigia flashback levels ; on Infernal/Hell difficulty, however, one can be picked up in the Solarium, although it can only be picked up if the water purifier was activated in Episode 3.

In Raid mode, the P90 has the weakest firepower overall, but features a massive magazine and also fires the fastest in comparison to the Machine Gun MP5, Machine Gun G36, Machine Gun AUG or the High-Roller.

Additional Notes

  • The P90 was one of many weapons considered for the Resident Evil remake. A heavily modified version was submitted to a competition Capcom sponsored, which ultimately gave birth to Richard's Assault Shotgun.



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