Machine gun ammunition is the ammo used for the different types of Machine guns (and sometimes assault rifles too) in the Resident Evil series. Some RE games depict ammo in magazines, other games show them as boxes.

Gameplay Specifics

PSX era Resident Evil titles like RE2 have huge machine gun magazine capacities which are shown in percentage values: 100% for a full clip which contains a couple hundred rounds. Very few spare magazines can be found in these games.

It is first chronologically seen in Resident Evil 0 as an unlockable item. It is obtained by completing the Leech Hunter minigame after collecting 1-29 leeches.

In Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, it is frequently dropped by enemies or found in crates.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City however, does not feature its own machine gun ammo but instead uses ammo stashes found throughout the game to replenish ammo.

In Resident Evil Revelations, instead of being dropped off by enemies, the player needs to find it throughout each location. The game limits the amount for carrying Machine Gun Ammo. However, the limit can be extended by finding an Ammo Bag specifically for the Machine Gun Ammo. This also applies in Raid Mode but the Machine Gun Ammo Bags can only be bought in the store.

In the Resident Evil Outbreak series, the Submachine gun uses the same 9mm ammunition of handguns, instead of custom SMG ammo.


Game Display Name Examine  Form Applicable weapons Max rounds per space
Resident Evil 0

Machinegun Ammo

"A magazine containing sub-machinegun ammunition."
Magazine Sub-Machinegun 100%
Resident Evil 2 M.G. Bullets
"DOT380 rounds. A magazine for the Ingram [sic] MAC11."
Magazine S. Machine Gun 100%
Resident Evil 4 TMP Ammo
"Custom 9mm ammunition."
Box TMP 150
Resident Evil 5 Machine gun ammo
"Ammo for the machine gun or assault rifle."
Box VZ61 (MG)
AK-74 (MG)
H&K MP5 (MG)
SIG 556 (MG)
150 - Inventory
999 - Storage
Resident Evil Revelations Machine Gun Ammo
"Ammo for Submachine Gun and Assault Rifle."
Box Machine Gun MP5
Machine Gun G36
Machine Gun P90
Machine Gun AUG
500 (Campaign) 700 (Raid Mode)
Resident Evil 6 5.56mm NATO Ammo None Box Bear Commander
Assault Rifle for Special Tactics
Assault Rifle RN


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