The machine room entry (機械室前 ?)[1] was the entrance to a facility on the island.


This room leads to the Machine room at the far end.


A cutscene plays immediately after entry to this room, Saddler using the parasites to cause pain in Leon while controlling Ashley, taking her with him. Before Leon can progress to the next room, another cutscene is played involving Jack Krauser and Ada Wong inside the communications tower. A loading screen then appears, even though the following room is part of the same area.

This room is guarded by a few Ganados, one with a crossbow able to overlook the entire room He can be killed through a boarded window when entering this room if desired. Shotgun Shells can be found lying on the floor while an Emerald can be obtained by shooting the glass above. Downstairs lies a green herb, and a Flash Grenade is inside a small room on the right.



  • For an unknown reason, allowing the cutscene in the Communications Tower causes the PS3 version of the game to freeze. Skipping past this cutscene using "select" at any point before its end will fix this.



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