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Machine Storage Room is a room in Raccoon University.


Near the beds, there are three Hunter Rs hanging dead. On one of the beds lies a dead UBCS member; his blood has been pumped from his body.


In terms of weapons, an Iron Pipe can be found in the north-west corner on all difficulties bar Very Hard. Further along is an Assault Rifle and a Grenade Launcher, both of which appear on Easy and Normal.[1]

In terms of ammunition, Handgun Ammo and .45 Auto Ammo can be found in the middle of the room on the south side; the former appears in all difficulties while the latter appears in all but Hard. On the north side, Assault Rifle Magazine can also be found next to one of the Hunter corpses on the north side on Easy and Hard. Ammo for the Grenade Launcher can also be recovered on the north-east corner on Easy and Hard.[1]

In terms of health items, a First Aid Spray can be found in the north-east corner on Easy, with two appearing on Normal.[1]


Location Localisation Original script
"Used surgical tools and laboratory equipment have been deserted here."
"This is used to wash blood away. It smells vaguely metallic."
"Some chemicals are arranged here."
"A monster's body... It's starting to generate a stench of death."
"He's already stopped breathing. His blood seems to have been drained."
"The stench of death is wafting up from the bed..."




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