The Machinery Room is a location in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


The Lower floor of this room is where the G (Stage 1) boss fight takes place. When Leon or Claire trigger this battle, the way back towards the Underground Stairs is broken and the player can only get back to it from the Police Station.

The northwest, southwest and southeast areas of the Lower floor all have items the player can pick up regarless of difficulty, they are:

On PC, G (Stage 1) can be killed with the Combat Knife or infinite Combat Knife in just a couple of slashes due to the damage of the weapon being related to the game's frame-per second.

The best way to deal with this boss is to kite him around the room while shooting at the giant eye on his shoulder, always staying relatively close to him so he stays in frame. If the player moves too far away from G, he will vanish and teleport to a location above the player in the room, and drop onto the character, grabbing them, but not dealing damage.

Once the fight is over, Sherry will drop down the ladder for Claire or the ladder will simply drop possibly by someone for Leon. The Middle area of the room has one Gunpowder inside a blue locker and a Green Herb right in front of it. After climbing a set of stairs, the player needs to interact with a handle on a machine in order to relocate the platform which allows access to the Operators Room. During this whole time, Sherry will accompany Claire as an AI, even following her back to the Lower area if the player decides to go back. But Leon will be alone.


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