Angus[1] Mackenzie was a character in Resident Evil: Apocalypse. He lived in Scotland but immigrated to America. He was a resident of Raccoon City and was a telemarketer. He was married to Flora Mackenzie. During the T-Virus outbreak he escaped his office building, which was besieged by zombies, and hid in a church. He was armed with a large .44 revolver which he found on a dead drug dealer. The church's minister, the only other man there, allowed him to stay but reminded him often that it was his church. Angus paid no attention to that and referred to the church as his hiding place. He did not talk to the minister often because the minister was often in a back room. Angus did not know that he was actually giving dead bodies to his zombified sister.

When Jill Valentine, Peyton Wells, and Terri Morales sought refuge there, he was initally jumpy and would not allow them, but they calmed him down and he helped them secure the building's doors. When they discovered that there were several lickers hiding in the church, he was separated from the rest of the group and killed.


  • A deleted scene introduces Mackenzie much earlier in the film, as he and a co-worker named Marla Maples are fleeing up some stairs in an office building to escape from some zombies. Mackenzie abandons Marla in a panic. Although the scene of Marla getting chased by the zombies was retained, all of the shots establishing Mackenzie's presence were cut.
  • In Keith R.A. DeCandido's novelization of Apocalypse, Mackenzie's surname is spelled "McKenzie."
  • He was played by Geoffery Pounsett.


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