"Mad" is a cutscene in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. It is played during the second chapter of "Game of Oblivion".



Steve: "Look out!"
Alfred: "I am Alfred Ashford."
"Son of Alexander Ashford!"
Steve: "That's him."
Alfred: "Why have you come to disturb us!?"
"Was it you!?"
"Was it you who spread that wretched virus across my island!?"
Claire: "That's got nothing to do with us!"
"Look, we all need to get outa' here right now! Ok!?"
Alfred: "Fools..."
"She's only just now returned to me."
"Why would I want to leave!?"
Claire: "Who? You mean... Alexia?"
Alfred: "She always did enjoy playing games. And she has come up with the most splendid game for us to play!"
Steve: "Games...?"
Alfred: "If you survive our challenge... I will personally present you with a getaway plane as your prize!"
"Ready!? Let the game begin!"

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