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Madness under the mask is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.


In the scene, Claire Redfield enters Chief Irons' office to find the corpse of Mayor Michael Warren's daughter, Katherine laid on his desk. The chair at the office then spins around and reveals a corpulent man who points a gun at Claire. However, the man then suddenly stops pointing the gun at her and sheepishly apologizes to Claire for his earlier action, claiming he mistook her for a zombie. Claire then asks if the man was the Chief of Police, Brian Irons. The man then confirms he was him. Irons then asked Claire for her identity, although he soon dismissed it, feeling it probably won't make a difference, believing that she'll ultimately end up a zombie or worse like all the others. Noticing that Claire is looking at the corpse on his desk, Irons introduces her to Katherine, saying that he had been tasked by the Mayor to look after her, although he had "miserably" failed in his task. Irons then proceeded to comment creepily on her beauty, noting that her skin was nothing short of perfection, before digressing that it will soon putrefy and thus she will ultimately transform into a zombie within the hour. Claire wanted to know if there was some way to halt the infection. Irons confirmed there was a way of "curing" her, to some extent: Either putting a bullet through her brain, with him demonstrating by pointing his gun at the cadaver's head, or by decapitating her completely. He then turns towards his stuffed trophies on a nearby shelf, with Claire turning likewise to see them. He then ruefully thinks back on how taxidermy had used to be his hobby, before dismissing the thought. He then tells Claire to leave, as he'd prefer to be alone at the moment.


Brian Irons: "Oh? I'm terribly sorry... I thought you were another one of those zombies."

Claire Redfield: "Are you Chief Irons?"

Irons: "Yes, that's me. And just who are you? No. Don't bother telling me. It makes no difference. You'll end up just like all the others."
"That's the Mayor's daughter. I was told to look after her... But I failed. Miserably. Just look at her... she was a true beauty... her skin nothing short of perfection. But, it will soon putrefy, and she will turn into a zombie within the hour like all the others!"

Claire: "There must be some way to stop it!"

Irons: "In a manner of speaking there is. Either by putting a bullet through her brain... or by decapitating her completely. And to think that taxidermy used to be my hobby... but no longer! Please, I'd really like to be alone now."

Brian Irons:「なんだ 人間か ゾンビかと思ったよ」

Claire Redfield:「アイアンズ署長ね?」

Irons:「ああ そうだ 君は? いや 言わなくていい 聞くだけムダだ どうせ皆 死ぬのだからな・・・」
「市長の娘だ 守ろうとはしたんだが― 残念な事に・・・見たまえ なんと美しい体だ 心をうばわれる・・・だが あと数時間もしない内に― ゾンビとなって動き出すのだ・・・」


Irons:「二つある 彼女の頭を撃ち抜くか― 切り落とせばいい はく製を作るのが好きでね それも終わりだ 頼む 一人にしてくれ・・・」


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