"Colt Python. An American gun. It uses 357 magnum rounds."
— Item examination - English
— Item examination - Japanese

The Magnum (マグナム magunamu?) is a weapon available in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica. It is identified as Colt Python.


To obtain the Magnum, players must refill the fire extinguisher by using a special machine within the Antarctic Base. The fire extinguisher must then be used to put out a fire which blocks access to the Magnum. Claire can also use the Magnum if it is put into the item box while playing as Chris beforehand.

As usual for the Resident Evil series, the Magnum is very powerful, usually killing and decapitating a zombie with a single shot. Unfortunately, its ammo is very scarce (there are only two ammo pickups throughout the entire game); thus, most players will want to save the Magnum for late-game boss battles, such as Alexia.

The Magnum also appears in CODE:Veronica's minigame, Battle Game: Chris Redfield has one with infinite ammunition in his inventory and Albert Wesker has a chance to find one with 6 rounds in the slot machine.


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