The Magnum is a weapon featured in Resident Evil 0. It is a high caliber handgun. It appears mostly stainless steel with black grips.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Magnum can be found on the corpse on the Ropeway. It uses Magnum Ammo and holds 8 bullets at a time. It is very powerful and will usually decapitate a zombie's head with one shot. However, because its ammunition is scarce it should be reserved for more powerful enemies and bosses. Specifically the Proto Tyrant the player soon encounters after finding the weapon.

When held by Rebecca, the intense recoil is enough to make her step back, making the weapon suffer from the firing speed while Billy handles the weapon perfectly, being able to recover quickly from the recoil making him fire the weapon with a firing speed of the handgun.

The Magnum can be found during Leech Hunter during the item pattern with a Green and a Blue herb in the Hall. It will be located in the B1 confinement room and will be fully loaded.

Examine: Magnum

"A large handgun capable of firing powerful Magnum rounds."

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