"Desert Eagle .50 A.E. A high caliber magnum pistol. It uses powerful .50 A.E. rounds. By IMI Israel."
— Item examination - English
"デザートイーグル50A.Eイスラエル製の軍用大型拳銃で強力なDOT50A.E弾を使用するイスラエルのIMIによって開発された "
— Item examination - Japanese

The Magnum (マグナム magunamu?) is a powerful weapon found in Resident Evil 2. It sports the logo of the Raccoon Police Department, identifying it as being in official police service to some capacity. A fictionalised version of the Desert Eagle, it carries eight .50AE cartridges unlike the real weapon's seven.


While it is a powerful weapon, the Magnum holds only eight Magnum Bullets and spare ammunition is somewhat scarce, and so it is preferred to only be used against more powerful enemies such as bosses.

The weapon can be modified with the Magnum Parts that are found in a locker in the laboratory, creating the C. Magnum. In The Fourth Survivor mini-game, HUNK carries the basic Magnum in his inventory along with eight Magnum Bullets. In Extreme Battle, Leon starts the mini-game with the Magnum in his inventory.


In the main game, Leon finds this weapon in Scenario A in a guard shack near a dead guard. In Scenario B, he finds this weapon in the weapon safe inside the S.T.A.R.S. office.


Further notes

Tokyo Marui, a Japanese Airsoft gun company, has manufactured three limited edition airsoft models of Leon's Desert Eagle. The first Airsoft gun made is the standard Resident Evil 2 Magnum. The second model that followed is the C. Magnum. The most recently produced model is the City of the Dead version (referred to as the "Leon Custom"). All versions have the name "Leon" carved on the grips.


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