"S&W M629C. A large stainless steel revolver. A classic type equipped with weights to reduce the recoil. It uses .44 Magnum bullets."
— Item examination - English
"S&W M629C ステンレス製の大型リボルバー 44マグナム弾を使用する 反動を押さえるためのウエイト付きのクラシック・タイプだ "
— Item examination - Japanese

Magnum (マグナム magunamu?) is a stainless steel revolver featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. It is identified as a "S&W Model 629 C".


The Magnum is a very powerful weapon, always decapitating a zombie's head with one shot. Other enemies will either receive high damage or be killed with one shot (particularly the Hunters).

Due to its firepower, the ammunition for this weapon is scarce, and is recommended to save the ammo for boss fights.

The Magnum will be found in one of two places. The first is the locker in the S.T.A.R.S. office of the 2nd Floor of the Police Station. If it's not there you will find a Grenade Launcher, and instead the Magnum will be found in the Substation. (you need to unlock both of the shutter doors there. One room will contain the Fuse, the other the Magnum)

  • Magnum ammunition can be made by mixing three Gun Powder C together, then combining the mixture with the Reloading Tool (this will create 24 Magnum Bullets).
  • Already-made ammo is available in only two areas: 2nd corpse at the back gate of the park, and the communications tower of the dead factory. This was done to balance out the addition of Gun Powder.

The Mercenaries

Mikhail Viktor is equipped with the Magnum in Operation: Mad Jackal. He also carries spare magnum ammo.

Further Notes

  • If the player decides to exterminate the defeated Nemesis after the final battle, Jill Valentine will pick up a Magnum from a dead trooper and fire all six shots into the monster.




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