"A very huge handgun
It uses 50 AE rounds.
— Item description

The Magnum Handgun is a weapon in Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. It is one of the two Magnums in the series, alongside the double-action Magnum Revolver.


This weapon is a powerful seven shot .50AE Magnum pistol, using different ammunition from the Magnum Revolver. It is capable of killing normal foes with one shot and taking bosses down with relative ease. It specifically inflicts 900HP damage to foes, which is slightly weaker than the Magnum Revolver's 1100HP.

The weapon can be loaded manually or with Magnum Handgun Magazines, found exclusively in the Showdown 1 scenario of File #2, for quicker reload times.

Kevin Ryman and Alyssa Ashcroft can perform Potshots with this weapon, making the already powerful gun even more devastating. Also, Kevin is the only character that would not react much to the recoil, making him fire faster.


In Outbreak, the Magnum is found exclusively in the "Below Freezing Point" scenario, and by Yoko only, where it is given to her by an unnamed Umbrella employee in the B5F Area B Passage. There is no extra ammunition for it in the whole scenario, and its capacity depends on the difficulty selected; fully loaded (7) on Easy, 5 on Normal, 3 on Hard, and a single round (1) on Very Hard.

In Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, the Magnum Handgun appears in the "Desperate Times" scenario. On the EASY and NORMAL difficulties, one can be found behind a painting in the Hallway, and a second can be taken from a safe in the waiting room. If Kevin Ryman is the player, a Magnum can also be found inside his desk.

On HARD, a Magnum Handgun is handed out by Ben Bertolucci in exchange for Film B, with a second being in the waiting room. On VERY HARD, only Ben's Magnum Handgun can be recovered.

Outbreak File 2 Mini-Game series

  • The Magnum Handgun appears in the Elimination series, where it is best utilized against tough enemies.
  • The Magnum is also featured in the Showdown series. The gun's strong firepower proves useful against the bosses that show up in each stage.


  • This weapon will only cause half of its firepower to the G boss, as it does with every weapon.
  • The MAGNUM HANDGUN resembles the real life Desert Eagle .50AE Magnum.


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