The Magnum L. Hawk is a Magnum appearing in Resident Evil: Revelations. Its design and name are based on the L.Hawk from Resident Evil 5.

It is first found in Episode 8-3, in which it can be found on a desk in the fight with the first Scarmiglione.


Magnum L. Hawk stats
Firepower 1200
Auto Fire 0.80
Capacity 8
Custom Slots 2

L. Hawk stats
Firepower 1200
Firing Speed 1.25
Capacity 8
Slot 2

It has a base Firepower of 1200, an Auto Fire of 0.80, a Capacity of 8, and 2 upgrade slots. It also has the benefit of a fast reload speed. Although the L. Hawk has a higher damage per second output than the Magnum Python, it has one less slot for upgrades, meaning the Python can still outclass the L. Hawk if the proper parts are applied.

In Raid mode, the L. Hawk is generally the weakest Magnum, though it may also have higher ammo capacities and rates of fire. It may also usually have a moderate-to-low number of upgrade slots. The Rare version of the weapon is called "Thunder Raptor" and its maximum slot capacity is 4.

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