"マグナムのバレルを10インチまで延ばして [...][notes 1] "
— Item examination - Japanese
"Extending the barrel of the magnum by 10 inches [...]"
— Item examination - unofficial translation

The Magnum Parts (マグナムパーツ magunamu-pātsu?) is an item which was intended to appear in Resident Evil 0 during its GameCube stage of development but was removed in the final release. You can get it in the Biohazard 0 TRIAL EDITION with the help of cheat devices such as Action Replay MAX or GameShark; however, it is not usable and lacks a 3d model as well.

It is very likely that this item was supposed to be combined with the Magnum to create the Custom Magnum.

  1. It is very likely that the second half of the examination text is missing.
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