The Magnum Python is found in Resident Evil: Revelations. The Python is one of the most powerful firearms in the main game.


Magnum Python stats
Firepower 1500
Auto Fire 0.60
Capacity 6
Custom Slots 3

It has a base firepower of 1500, a firing rate of 0.60, a capacity of 6, and 3 customization slots. The reload time with the Python takes quite some time, longer than any other weapon in the main game. It is available to Jill in Episode 7-1 in a locked room between the dining hall and the library, requiring a Veltro Keycard to be opened. It is also available during Episode 9-1. It can be found by Keith in the Valkoinen Mokki warehouse (Casual and Normal difficulties only).

In Raid mode, the Python is usually a very powerful weapon with all of its other base stats very low. All of the weapon's stats, in the campaign and Raid mode, can be upgraded with their respective parts. Note that certain characters (most notably Rachael Foley) can reload the magnum quicker than others.

Other appearances

The Colt Python also appears in the ff. games:


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