"An M29-44 magnum. It uses 44 magnum rounds."
— Item examination

The MAGNUM REVOLVER is a weapon available in the Resident Evil Outbreak series. It is one of the two Magnums in the series, alongside the semi-automatic Magnum Handgun. The weapon is identified as a Smith & Wesson Model 29 in the examine screen.


Magnum Revolver rounds

A powerful six-shot .44 Magnum revolver, it uses different ammunition from the Magnum Handgun. It can kill most enemies in one hit and deal high damage to tough B.O.W.s. It specifically inflicts 1100HP at close range to enemies, which is more powerful than the Magnum Handgun's 900HP. The revolver can be reloaded manually round-by-round or by using speedloaders for quicker reload times.


In the first Outbreak, it only appears once Behind the residential area in Outbreak, before the Main Street, behind a window. In Easy, an extra Magnum is found inside the locked drawer in the Owner's room of the Jack's Bar, and extra ammunition for it is located in the Wine Room. It has no extra ammunition for it in the entire game otherwise.

In File #2, it appears on a shelf in the emergency power room in Underbelly and underneath a power shovel in the construction site of End of the Road. This time, extra ammo can be found for the revolver in most difficulty levels on these scenarios.

The Magnum Revolver also appears in the Elimination series in Outbreak File 2. It's power proves useful against tough enemies found in the minigames. Several speedloaders are also scattered in the levels.

Further notes

.44 Magnum Loader

  • Using the Pot-shot ability with Alyssa doubles the damage but quadruples in Kevin's hands, making the already powerful gun extremely devastating. Kevin is also the only character that would not react much to the recoil, making him fire faster.
  • This weapon does not appear on Very Hard difficulty in the Outbreak scenario.


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