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Magnum ammunition is used for the powerful Magnum firearms, and usually the rarest type of ammunition. Depending on the game, they may become even harder to find in higher difficulty modes. Early Resident Evil games display Magnum ammo in either speedloaders or magazines, while later games depict Magnum bullets in boxes.

Gameplay Specifics[]

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis features the ability to create Magnum ammo by using gunpowder.

The Resident Evil Outbreak series depict Magnum ammunition in boxes. However they count as individual rounds, meaning each bullet must be manually placed in the gun. Fortunately these rounds can be loaded in magazine and speedloader items to quicken reload time.

  • The two Magnums in the Outbreak series both use different ammunition. .44 Magnum for the Magnum Revolver, and .50AE for the Magnum Handgun.

Resident Evil 4 features two types of Magnum ammunition, .45 Magnum for the Broken Butterfly & Killer 7 and .50 Magnum for the Handcannon.

Resident Evil Revelations limits the amount of Magnum Ammo the player can carry instead of taking up a space. However, the player can find Magnum Ammo Bag to extend the amount you can carry. One ammo bag can be found on both casual and normal difficulty, which expands maximum ammo to 50 rounds. Two additional ammo bags can be found on infernal difficulty, which make maximum amount 100 and 200 rounds respectively.

Resident Evil 6 yet again has two types of Magnum ammo, one which is the .50 AE Ammo while the other is the .500 S&W Ammo. The .50 AE is used with the Lightning Hawk while the latter is used with the Elephant Killer.


Game Display name Compatible With Examine Form Max rounds per space
Resident Evil 0 Magnum Ammo Magnum (RE0)
"These Magnum rounds boast several times the stopping power of ordinary handgun bullets."
Resident Evil (1996) Magnum Rounds Colt Python
".357 magnum rounds. For the Colt Python."
Resident Evil (2002) Magnum rounds Magnum Revolver
"Powerful bullets for the .357 Magnum Revolver."
Resident Evil 2 Magnum Bullets Magnum (RE2)
"DOT50A.E rounds. Magnum rounds for the Desert Eagle."
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Magnum Bullets Magnum (RE3)
".44 Magnum rounds. Powerful bullets for the revolver. Used for the S&W M629C."
Resident Evil CODE: Veronica Magnum Bullets Magnum (CODE: Veronica)
"Magnum Cartridge. This contains powerful bullets for a magnum gun."
Resident Evil 4 Magnum Ammo

Broken Butterfly


"Ammo to be used with any .45 caliber Magnum."
Box 10
Resident Evil 4 Handcannon Ammo Handcannon
"Custom made .50 caliber ammo."
Box 10
Resident Evil 5 Magnum ammo

S&W M29


S&W M500

"Large caliber rounds for use with the magnum."

12 (In-game)

999 (Item box)

Resident Evil 6 .50 Action Express Magnum Lightning Hawk Unknown Box 80
Resident Evil 6 .500 S&W Magnum Elephant Killer Unknown Box 60
Resident Evil Outbreak .44 Magnum MAGNUM REVOLVER (Outbreak)
"44 magnum rounds. They are used for a magnum revolver."
"Quicly reloads .44 magnum rounds into the revolver."



Resident Evil Outbreak .50 AE Magnum MAGNUM HANDGUN
"50AE rounds. They are used for a magnum handgun."
"Magnum magazine. Reloads .50AE rounds."



Resident Evil Dead Aim Magnum Round Magnum (Dead Aim)
"50-caliber action express round. Fits most magnum pistols."
Box 14
Resident Evil Revelations Magnum Ammo

Magnum L. Hawk

Magnum Python

"Ammo for Magnum"
Box 10 (Default)
Resident Evil Revelations 2 Magnum Ammo

Magnum 2005M

Magnum Anaconda

Magnum Model 329

Pale Rider

Magnum Python

"Ammo for magnums."


Resident Evil 4[]

Magnum Ammo is only picked up in sets of 3 or 5. Handcannon Ammo is found in sets of 5 or 10 and only drops when the player has the Handcannon in their inventory. Both ammunitions are stored in boxes that take up 1x2 spaces of inventory and hold up to 10 bullets in that much space. A single bullet of Magnum Ammo and Handcannon Ammo sells for 500₧ and 600₧ respectively.

Resident Evil 5[]

Using the give ammo command gives your partner 6 rounds. Each round can be sold for (?).