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Maiden is a 2021 survival horror game released exclusively on the PlayStation 5 that acts as a demo for Resident Evil Village. Set in the same location as Village but at a different time compared to the main game, Maiden is designed as a "visual demo" to show Castle Dimistrescu as a location and to preview the game's atmosphere and tone, similar to the KITCHEN and Resident Evil 7 Teaser Demo: Beginning Hour demos for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Unlike in Village, the player does not control Ethan Winters and instead plays as the titular "Maiden" who must find a way to escape Castle Dimitrescu and avoid the threats that wander the halls looking for her. There is no combat in the game, instead relying on environmental exploration and puzzle solving in order to complete it.


The Maiden awakens in the dungeon of Castle Dimitrescu where she finds a note from a previous prisoner that gives her clues on how to escape before the denizens of the castle come looking for her. Through exploration of the castle, the Maiden learns of Alcina Dimitrescu and her three daughters, the current owners of the castle. Discoverable notes detail how previous maids had come to the castle to work and then disappeared, along with how Lady Dimitrescu produces a high quality wine known as Sanguis Virginis (Latin for "Maiden's Blood"). From the torturous devices in the castle dungeon and the blood evidence in the main hall, it's heavily implied that literal maiden's blood is used in it's creation.

Upon trying to use the main hall to escape, one of Dimitrescu's "daughters", Cassandra, appears and tries to hunt the Maiden down using both a sickle and her strange powers. Though the Maiden is able to reach the courtyard door and unlock it with a key, Lady Dimitrescu herself appears to block her path. Dimitrescu comments how it is nice to finally meet the Maiden before she grabs and impales her victim using large claws sprouting from her hands.