For the Raccoon Police Station location, see Main hall.

The Main Hall is a location in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


A vast hall used for the central hub of all activities by the Baker Family. It also links many rooms of the Main House.


After the first boss fight with Jack Baker, the Ox Statuette is required to access the main hall. Sometimes, Jack will stalk the player at this area. His behavior is much more intense on harder difficulties, relentlessly stalking the player until he is temporarily killed.

The Shotgun located in a small room of the Main Hall can be picked up later in the Statue, so that the player can disarm the trap in the small room.

At the later point of the game, a few Moldeds and its bladed variant will spawn. More will spawn at Madhouse.

In the Madhouse mode of the game, there were Birdcages can be found here, which contains coins that boosts the player's stats in a new way or even key items. The Scorpion Key has been relocated here.


Location Localization Original Script
Picture on the Wall "Arklay Mountains, July 7, 1991" ?
Note on the table "Shoot me! Shoot me!" ?


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