Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The Main House‏‎ is one of several buildings on the Baker ranch in Dulvey, Louisiana.



First Floor

The first floor contains a main hall that had a small room containing a statue. with the left side leading to a long hall that lead to the attached garage. Also nearby is a large dining room with a kitchen and a large walk-in pantry. The living room was located next to the dining area. The pantry had a hatch leading to the laundry room. Off to the right there was a small hallway leading to a storeroom, monitoring room and the basement stairs. There was a secret passageway that lead to the drawing and supply room.


Resident Evil 7 - Police car

The garage of the Main House where Ethan Winters' car was stored. A small cutscene will be played upon entry where the deputy will be ambushed and killed by Jack Baker, thus leading to a bossfight. The player can use Ethan's car after obtaining its car key against Jack. However at some time, Jack will instead use the car against Ethan.

Laundry Room


The first save room of the Main House. The Laundry Room is the Bakers' room for laundry wash, and can be accessed via using the Hatch Key at the hatch of the Pantry at the dining area.



The Main House kitchen. This room is linked between the Dining Area and Pantry.

  • Items:
  • Files: N/A
  • Enemies: Jack Baker (Determinant)

Dining Area


This is where the Bakers eat. The iconic dinner time cutscene is played here. Ethan will later be freed out of his grasp after the family left the room. Later on, a Blade Molded will be faced in this area. The Clock Pendulum can be use here to retrieve the White Dog's Head.

Living Room



A trapdoor can be found in this room where it can be unlocked with the Hatch Key, as mentioned earlier. At some point, Jack Baker will cut over Ethan's leg in this room if he caught him before giving a chance to survive via offering a Strong First Aid Med while taunting him.

Sometimes, attempting to traverse around the corridors near the Pantry will cause Jack Baker to burst out of the Pantry room's wall.

Main Hall

Resident evil 7 baker's main house

The central hall for all the household activities of the Bakers. A vast hall that links many of the corridors and rooms of the Main House. This is one of the areas Jack Baker stalks around. Later on, a group of Moldeds will appear in this area.

In Madhouse mode, a few bird cages containing coin items that bolsters the player's stats and key items can be retrieved here.

Monitoring Room

This room contains large colonies of the Mold. This is the player's first Molded encounter.

  • Items: N/A
  • Files: N/A
  • Enemies: Molded

Drawing Room


The Wooden Statuette must be used in the Shadow puzzle in order to gain access at this room. Several items can be acquired here. A Steroids can be found here but requires a Treasure Photo to be obtained.



A storage compartment used in storing supplies of the house. The Grenade Launcher can be found here.

Second Floor

The second floor had a walkway over the main hall that lead to the master bedroom and storeroom on the right. The left side had a hallway that lead to Lucas and Zoe's childhood bedroom, the bathroom, and the rec room. The rec room had a pool table and a small bar area with a small bedroom. A walkway/balcony was also accessed through the rec room. There was also a staircase that lead right to the hall next to the dining room. There was also a passageway that led to the workshop in the basement.


The second floor's bathroom. Contains a shower, toilet, and a bath tub containing moldy mass submerged in dirty water. The bath tub can be drained to obtain the Wooden Statuette. In Easy/Normal modes, this triggers an event where Jack Baker will appear in the bathroom door.

Recreation Room

A room for recreational activities. It has a billiard table, a table along with a VHS tape that can be used to play the "Mia" tape. Jack occasionally can be found stalking at this location.

Grandma's Room

A small bedroom possibly where Grandma Baker sleeps. It requires the Scorpion Key to unlock.

Kid's Room

The bedroom of Lucas and Zoe, the room can be unlocked later on with the Snake Key. One of the trophies had a hidden remote button which is used to release the ladder that leads to the Main House's attic in order to get one of the Key Cards for the Testing Area access.

Master Bedroom

The bedroom of Jack and Marguerite. This room requires the Snake Key to be unlocked. A clock puzzle can is required to be solved here to retrieve one of the Key Cards.


Room used as storage compartment. A lot of objects and household items are stored here.

Third Floor

The attic was accessed through a ladder in the Baker children's bedroom. The attic was used by Lucas Baker as a private office and as storage.


This small room at the upmost floor of the Bakers' Main House stores several items. A Shadow Puzzle is requried to be solved here to retrieve the Blue Key Card.


Also known as "The Processing Area". The basement contained a morgue, an incinerator room, and a dissection room. It is unknown what these areas were used for before 2014. There was also a boiler room and a workshop area. Given that Jack was a farmer, it is possible that the boiler and incinerator were used for cows and other livestock Jack had on his farm.


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