Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The Main House‏‎ is one of several buildings on the Baker ranch in Dulvey, Louisiana.

First FloorEdit

The first floor contains a main hall that had a small room containing a statue. with the left side leading to a long hall that lead to the attached garage. Also nearby is a large dining room with a kitchen and a large walk-in pantry. The living room was located next to the dining area. The pantry had a hatch leading to the laundry room. Off to the right there was a small hallway leading to a storeroom, monitoring room and the basement stairs. There was a secret passageway that lead to the drawing and supply room.

Second FloorEdit

The second floor had a walkway over the main hall that lead to the master bedroom and storeroom on the right. The left side had a hallway that lead to Lucas and Zoe's childhood bedroom, the bathroom, and the rec room. The rec room had a pool table and a small bar area with a small bedroom. A walkway/balcony was also accessed through the rec room. There was also a staircase that lead right to the hall next to the dining room. There was also a passageway that led to the workshop in the basement.

Third FloorEdit

The attic was accessed through a ladder in the Baker children's bedroom. The attic was used by Lucas Baker as a private office and as storage.


The basement contained a morgue, an incinerator room, and a dissection room. It is unknown what these areas were used for before 2014. There was also a boiler room and a workshop area. Given that Jack was a farmer, it is possible that the boiler and incinerator were used for cows and other livestock Jack had on his farm.


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