The Main Power Room is a location in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


There a corridor section which leads to the garbage room, before reaching the main power room up ahead. Inside the power room, the room is filled with flammable barrels and crates.


A Blue Herb can be found on the floor as the player walk through the corridor. A Green Herb can also be found next to the Garbage room entry. Inside the power room, the player must operate the power panel in order to restore power and enter the garbage room. Once the power is restored, G (Second Form) will attack the ceiling blocking the exit in the process, forcing the player to exit and run toward the Proposed Water Purification Room.

fighting the boss

as soon as you turn on the powerhead for the door. the boss will try to hit you from above keep running in the room and dodge his attack after few attempts he will come from the metal door, as soon as he enters run you will waste ammo if you fight him here, keep running until you jump down to a platform. go rush and push the button to move the container. now you shot the boss until he gets on his knee then press the other button the container will hit him do that twice and you win 

The player can return here afterward.




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