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Main Street was a location in Resident Evil Outbreak, Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.


One of Raccoon City's main thoroughfares, thousands of zombies had gathered there during the t-Virus outbreak of September, 1998, causing the Raccoon Police Department to focus much of their efforts on eliminating the threat posed from this position. On September 24, "Operation: Mop-Up", involving a number of explosive charges placed at key locations alongside the road, was successfully enacted at the cost of at least two police officers, Eric and Elliott, during the process. The street, and all of the infected gathered upon it, were entirely obliterated by the RPD in an effort that bought them several days to reorganize and fortify their defenses, albeit to no ultimate success. The 2nd U.S.S. Squad established its rendezvous and evacuation point on the ruins of Main Street just prior to the ultimate destruction of Raccoon City.

The Raccoon Mall is located along this road.


Resident Evil Outbreak[]

Upon reaching Main Street, the player must combine the Detonator Main Unit and Detonator Handle, located nearby, to create the Detonator. The item can then be used near the fuse box. Zombies freely roam the area, attacking the survivors constantly.

If you speak with the only surviving police officer, Harry, near the end of the road, he will offer you his pistol to aid you in completing this task.


Official localisation Original script
Barricade below the bridge 「厚いバリケードが施されている乗り越えるのは不可能だ」

Further notes[]

  • Contrary to popular belief, this room is not the name of an actual road. Its Japanese name implies that it is a main road, rather than "Main Street".
  • This room shares the same name with the boulevard in Uptown Raccoon City.