This page is for information and options for Resident Evil CODE:Veronica's main game.


Resident Evil CODE:Veronica is similar to the previous games, players will keep their progress by saving manually when playing. The main game is distingued by two discs/parts, the second starting once Claire reached the Antartic Base.

Any progress or unlockables made through the main game or Battle Game are saved automatically within a "global" save and the bonuses will be available every time the player starts any of the two modes.


Main article: Difficulty

While most versions only feature one default difficulty, the japanese versions have three: Very Easy, Easy and Normal.


The game features manual saving with the use of typewriters with the Ink Ribbons found throughtout the game, so the player has a limited number of saves like the previous games, and there are checkpoints at some points. When saving, the screen will display which character you're using, how many times the game was saved in that file, and the location you're saving from.

There are 15 slots within the save menu.

Game over

The game over screen is triggered by either losing all health, failing to escape when there's a timer due to incidents, or getting knocked off the helipad by Nosferatu, getting caught by Alexia Ashford's first form, or standing under the chained block in the underground detention chamber.

During the 'You Died' screen, there are only two options: to either select 'Yes' or 'No' to 'Retry?', if 'Yes' is selected, the player will start at the last time they saved or checkpoint they passed, if 'No' is selected, the player will hear the character's scream and will be taken back to the main menu.

Loading screens

If it's during loading screens or in-between cutscenes, only a "Now Loading..." at the bottom right corner of the screen will be displayed. If it's in-between rooms, then it's the usual door opening scene (slow and with heartbeat sound effects before certain events).


Resident Evil CODE:Veronica only has one pre-determined ending that can't be changed.


The result screen at the end of the game shows a picture of Claire and Chris post-CODE:Veronica events, a Congratulations!! at the top, followed by displaying stats: Ranking, Total Time, Number of Saves and Number of Retries.

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