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The game has five difficulty modes, Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard.

Very Easy is only unlocked after getting the "Don't Give Up" title (continue 10 times in on Easy difficulty). And Very Hard is only unlocked after all chapters were beaten on Hard. The other three are unlocked by default.

The most notable differences between difficulties is that, aside from enemies dealing more damage and being more resilient, the herb will heal less and a zombie's perfect headshot hitbox will become smaller the higher the difficulty is.


The game will automatically save after each chapter is completed, the only way to manually save is by upgrading a weapon then leaving to the main menu or interacting with a new Archive file then going back to the main menu.

Some checkpoints will have an auto-save, if the player leaves the game they can choose to spawn on that last checkpoint, however there is only one checkpoint slot.

Game over

The game over screen is only triggered by losing all health. There will always be two options, Yes / No to continue / go back to the main menu.

There is also a "Your Partner is Dead" screen which is triggered when an ally character dies such as the AI partner or even Sherry.

Loading screens

The loading screen is always the same, it displays an image noise with the words "Loading data" on it.


There are three main endings in The Darkside Chronicles, a good, bad, and the "Krauser ending" from Operation Javier 7.

The good ending is triggered if Javier was defeated quickly enough so that Manuela doesn't lose too much blood from helping Leon / Krauser in Operation Javier 5.

The bad ending is triggered in the same chapter under the opposite condition: by taking too long in defeating Javier, this ending is non-canon.

The Krauser ending is shown once Operation Javier 7 is finished.


The results screen is very similar to that of The Umbrella Chronicles, it displays:

  • Score gotten in the chapter
  • Clear Time
  • Enemies Eliminated
  • Number of Headshots
  • If the No-continue Clear / No-damage Clear bonuses were earned
  • Gold collected in the chapter and the total amount owned
  • Number of Archives collected from the chapter and the total number of it on that chapter

A rank between C and S is displayed based on the total score, clear time, enemies killed and number of headshots.

Note that only the headshots that make an enemy's head explode count for the "headshots" requirement and that choosing to continue after a death will hurt the overall clear time of that chapter, however, taking damage or using a First Aid Spray do not mess with the ranking.

Additionally, upon a replay the game will always save your best stats, for example, if a chapter was finished once with a B on Headshots, but S on everything else, the overall rank will be A. But if the same chapter is replayed and now an A or S was gotten for total Headshots, the rank will be changed to S, even if Cs were gotten in the replay in the other requirements.

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