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This page is for information and options for the Resident Evil 2 remake's Story mode.


Resident Evil 2 features four scenarios titled Leon, Leon [2nd], Claire and Claire [2nd].

By default, only the "[1st]" scenarios are available in the menu, and the [2nd] scenarios will be unlocked once the other character's [1st] run was completed, for example, completing Leon "[1st]" will unlock Claire [2nd].

The main game is strictly a single-player experience.


Main article: Difficulty

There are three difficulties in Resident Evil 2: Assisted, Standard and Hardcore, all of which are available by default.

In the Assisted mode, the character regenerates health over time to up to "Caution" and Aim Assist is turned on by default, but it can be turned off via the options menu. An auto-save is included in this mode.

In the Standard mode, enemy hits usually take the player to "Caution" aside from powerful attacks from higher tier enemies such as the Tyrant, William Birkin, etc. An auto-save is included in this mode.

In the Hardcore mode, only select enemies take the player to "Caution" in one hit, such as the Zombie Dogs and Tyrant. Most hits from all other enemies will take the player straight to "Danger", which can lead to an instant death if multiple enemies are around. Auto-save is not present in this mode, and the player can only use the Typewriter if they own an Ink Ribbon, which are also exclusive to this mode.


In the Assisted and Standard modes, a manual save can be done at any time so long as a Typewriter is around, since saving doesn't cost Ink Ribbons in these modes. In addition, the game will auto-save at select locations throughout the game, which neglects the need of manual saving. However, there is only one slot for the auto-save, so if the player starts a new game or loads a different save file, the progress will be replaced once the auto-save is triggered.

In the Hardcore mode, auto-save is disabled and manual saving can only be done if the player has an Ink Ribbon.

There are a total of 20 save slots in Resident Evil 2.

Game Over

There are two types of game overs in Resident Evil 2, when the player loses all of their health, or the objective is failed.

According to RE.NET, there are a total of 8 "Rare Deaths":

Name Condition Preview
Hunted Get eat up by the Alligator as Leon. RE2 remake RE.NET Rare Death - Hunted.jpg
Burned Let the time run out inside the Incinerator as Ada. RE2 remake RE.NET Rare Death - Burned.jpg
Head Crushed Get killed by the Tyrant's grab attack. RE2 remake RE.NET Rare Death - Head Crushed.png
Skewered Get charged at by the Super Tyrant as Leon. RE2 remake RE.NET Rare Death - Skewered.jpg
Smashed Hit self with the containder in the battle against G (Stage 2) RE2 remake RE.NET Rare Death - Smashed.png
Captured Get caught by Brian Irons as Sherry. RE2 remake RE.NET Rare Death - Captured.jpg
Blown Up Let the time run out during the self-destruct phase in the Laboratory RE2 remake RE.NET Rare Death - Blown Up.png
Human Mincemeat Get killed by G (Stage 5) in the [2nd] scenario. RE2 remake RE.NET Rare Death - Human Mincemeat.jpg

Upon a game over, the player can either choose to continue, load game or quit back to the main menu. If the "Continue" or "Load Game" options are chosen, the Game clock will not reset.

Loading screens

Main article: Loading screens (RE2 remake)

The loading screens only appear during the first build-up of the stage or after a game over. They either display a summary of the story leading up to the point being played or tips.

The game also features a "NOW LOADING" screen that occasionally pops up if the player is making progress too rapidly or when the game gets soft locked due to glitches.


Resident Evil 2 has two endings, in the "[1st]" scenario, the main ending is the same for both characters, and a Post credits scene is also played which is exclusive to that scenario.

In the [2nd] run, the true ending instead is played, which displays Leon, Claire and Sherry walking away from Raccoon City regardless of which character was being played.


The results screen in the 1-Shot Demo and R.P.D. Demo.

The results screen in the full game only displays the scenario played alongside the difficulty, clear time, number of times the game was manually saved and the final rank.

In the RESIDENT EVIL 2 1-Shot Demo and RESIDENT EVIL 2 R.P.D. Demo, the results screen was different than in the full version, not only was the background image different, but it only displayed the difficulty, clear time and the number of retries.


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