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Resident Evil 4 has no chapter select but it's possible to save the game in different slots within the saving menu. There are 20 slots available, the main gane has 19 total chapters, so the player has the potential to "chapter select" in 19 chapters.

Any progress made within The Mercenaries or NG+ mechanics (such as unlocking the P.R.L. 412, Handcannon, or Special 2 costume) are saved automatically within a "global" save and these weapons or special bonuses will be available every time the player starts a New Game or New Game+.


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The game has four difficulty modes, Amateur, Easy, Normal and Professional. Amateur mode is exclusive to the Japanese versions of the game and the main difference would be that Leon start out with a Shotgun and some parts of the game are skipped to make it easier for the player.

Easy and Normal are available by default, and Professional mode only unlocks after beating the game once on Normal difficulty.

Resident Evil 4 also features a hidden dynamic difficulty, if the player is accurate and takes only a few hits, the enemies will automatically become more aggressive and deal more damage, but if the player is missing a lot of shots or getting hit too many times and dying, the enemies will become more passive, deal less damage and sometimes not even spawn.

One example for this is during the gondola area in the village, if Leon takes enough hits at this part, the two archers will not spawn at the water room. This dynamic difficulty is turned off in Professional modes and the enemies are on a set aggressive manner that cannot be changed.


The game features manual saving with the use of typewriters, there are no ink ribbons however so the player can save an infinite amount of times. When saving, the screen will display the current chapter, how many times the game was saved in that file, how much time has been played in that run, the "Round" (how many times a new session was started using that file), and the mode.

There are 20 slots within the save menu.

Game over

The game over screen is triggered by either losing all health, failing certain QTEs that are programmed to kill you once failed, shooting the water before fighting Del Lago, or when Ashley is taken by an enemy to another area or killed.

During the You Are Dead or Mission Failed screen, there are only two options: to either select Yes or No to Continue?, if Yes is selected, the player will start at the last checkpoint they crossed, not where they last saved, if No is selected, the player will be taken back to the main menu, next time they re-load their saves they will not spawn at the last checkpoint, but where they last saved with a typewriter.

Loading screens

All versions of Resident Evil 4 share the same type of loading screens, the screen is completely black with the text "Loading..." on the bottom right corner of the screen, some versions won't show loading screens due to fast load times, and depending on the version, the "Loading..." text will have a different font.


Resident Evil 4 only has one pre-determined ending that can't be changed.


The results screen in Resident Evil 4 displays the hit ratio (accuracy), enemies killed and number of times killed (deaths), next to these stats it display the total stat of each, so at the end of Chapter 1-2, it will display how many enemies you have killed in both Chapter 1-1 and 1-2, and so on. Above these numbers is also an image of the next chapter, each chapter shows different images or Leon or Ashley in the background.

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