This page is for information and options for Resident Evil 6's Campaign mode.


Resident Evil 6 features four campaigns that are split into five chapters each, with each new chapter and highest difficulty unlocked as the previous is completed. The Prelude chapter is also selectable in the Campaign menu.

Players can start and continue from any chapter they choose, from any section if that chapter has been previously completed, and up to the highest difficulty setting its been completed at. Inventory is saved for each campaign and will carry over to where ever the player chooses to continue from. The option to have inventory be reset is only available when selecting "New Game" and starting at the beginning of a campaign.

When starting a chapter, players can choose the difficulty, single or co-op screen mode, character to play as, their appearance online, to allow or not allow a partner to join & from what region, what their objective is, and to toggle attack reaction, infinite ammo, and Agent Hunt mode.


Main article: Difficulty

There are five difficulties in Resident Evil 6: Amateur, Normal, Veteran, Professional and No Hope.

No Hope was added for free within the game's December 2012 patch and is unlocked by default. This mode is comparable to Resident Evil 5's Professional mode, enemies deal huge chunks of damage and ammo drops are rare.

All difficulties but No Hope have an award based on completing them. Beating a certain difficulty does not unlock any in-game rewards.


There is no manual saving in Resident Evil 6, the game will automatically save upon reaching certain checkpoints within the chapters.

There are two types of checkpoints:

  • "Pin" checkpoint - The most common type of checkpoints, these can be recognized by its "pin" icon on the top left of the screen. Whenever the player gets a Game Over, the game will start back up from this checkpoint. However, if the player leaves the game, the next time they play they will instead spawn on the last Typewriter checkpoint.
  • "Typewriter" checkpoint - These checkpoints occur once a player reaches a main checkpoint within the chapter, such as Berke's Gunshop in Leon's chapter 1.

In the Extra Modes, the game will save each time a match is completed, this is so the player's in-game records are updated.

Game Over

The Game Over can be triggered in multiple ways in Resident Evil 6, the most common one is by losing all health, but the player can trigger a "Mission Failed" screen by failing to chase Carla in Chris' chapter 3 and by being caught by Chris in Ada's chapter 4. A Game Over screen is also shown if the player is caught by Ustanak in Jake's chapter 2.

Upon a Game Over, the player will always respawn at the last checkpoint.

Loading screens

Main article: Loading screens (RE6)

The loading screens will display tips and an image with a hidden "6" on it. In the Extra Modes, the images will not be displayed and the tips will be related to the mode being played.

The tips can be skipped via the press of the sprint button. (X on PlayStation, A on XBOX, etc.)


Each campaign has its own pre-determined ending but one of the epilogues, New Purpose, will appear as an ending cutscene every time any fifth chapter is finished after all campaigns have been completed once. It can be considered as the entire game's epilogue.


The results screen is similar to that of Resident Evil 5, a grade (C, B, A, S) is displayed based on the player's accuracy, deaths, clear time and enemies killed. There is no in-game reward related to this grade system, but in RE.NET the player can earn an icon by getting an S rank in every chapter as every character in every difficulty. Because there is no RE.NET support on the Xbox One and PS4 versions, the icon cannot be acquired from the saved data on those platforms.

Onslaught is the only Extra Mode with a grade system, Agent Hunt, Predator and Survivors do not display a rank during the results screen, instead, only the medals the player's gotten are shown.

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