This page is for information and options for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard's main game mode.


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is single player only and uses a similar format to early titles and Resident Evil 4 & Resident Evil: Revelations where players have save files to individually track progress through the game, but their account tracks unlocks & settings. It is played as one continuous playthrough with no chapter or episode breaks. There is also no chapter or stage select.


The difficulty is chosen when starting a new file and can not be changed mid-game. There are three settings, “Easy”, “Normal”, and “Madhouse”. Easy and Normal use the same enemy and key item layout, with the differences being how much health enemies have and how much damage they do.

Madhouse uses a different enemy and item layout that is more difficult as well as makes enemies stronger and tougher. Enemies are also more aggressive and use their stronger attacks more often. Madhouse also adds Cassette Tapes that are required to save with and limits autosaves.

Item layout has also been changed and a few key item locations have been moved. Cages that can be opened with Antique Coins are now placed in Main Hall 1F and one of them contains the Scorpion Key, meaning the Wooden Statuette can be skipped.


Manual saving can only be done on tape recorders found throughout the game. The game has an autosave feature and that creates a single separate save file players can restart and load from.

On Madhouse difficulty it is up the player to find tapes in order to save. This are scattered trough the game and are scarce. Similar to the mechanics seen on classic Resident Evil games.

Game over

The only regular way to get a game over is to die from losing all your health. Other ways include being caught by scripted traps. Upon a gameover, the player can only restart from a save point, or except for certain bosses. Some bosses can be restarted from the beginning and the player will be given the option to reorganize their inventory as if at an Item box.

Loading screens

Loading screens will display various tips and summaries based on how far the player has progressed.


The stats screen can be looked opened from the pause screen. It keeps track of various actions. It is useful to keep track of progress towards trophies. It specifically shows the player the difficulty they're playing on, play time, files collected, Antique coins collected, Mr. Everywheres destroyed which is based on the player's profile (not individual playthroughs), and health items, Steroids & Stabilizers used.


There are two endings to the game based on the player's choice to save Mia or Zoe after defeating Mutated Jack. Saving Mia leads to the True Ending while saving Zoe leads to the Bad Ending.


There is no grade system, at the end of the game the Stats screen is displayed and if the player has achieved certain requirements, certain items will be unlocked.


For unlockable items, they will all appear in the item box across all files including ones in progress.

Unlockable Unlock method
Madhouse Beat the game for the first time.
Albert-01R Beat the game for the first time.
Circular Saw Beat the game in under 4 hours.
Secrets of Defense Beat the game in Normal difficulty.
Essence of Defense Destroy all Mr. Everywhere statues.
Walking Shoes Destroy all Mr. Everywhere statues.
X-ray Glasses Beat the game in under 4 hours.
Dirty Coin Beat the demo with the Dirty Coin in the inventory.
Supply Box Pre-order bonus.
Infinite Ammo Beat the game in Madhouse difficulty.

DLC items


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