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Resident Evil: Revelations has no manual saving, but during the results screen, the player is able to save on a slot of their choice.


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The game has four difficulty modes that are available by default, Casual, Normal and Hell / Infernal. Hell is exclusive to the 3DS version of the game, and Infernal replaces it in the HD versions. In Infernal mode, there are more enemies and they take more damage, the player can die in just two hits depending on what hits them. In Casual mode, there are less enemies and they die much quicker. Normal is a mix of the two, there are more enemies but they don't do as much damage as on Infernal nor are they too tanky.

The Genesis scan percentage is also changed depending on the difficulty, with regular Ooze giving as low as 1% to its percentage on Infernal mode.


While playing a campaign chapter, the player cannot manually save. The game instead saves automatically based on checkpoints. The results screen is the only time where the player can save on different slots.

Game over

The game over screen is only triggered in a few ways, either by losing all health, not taking the vaccine as Jill in Episode 9-2 or failing any countdown sequence.

In the You Are Dead screen, the player is only given two options, to either Continue (Yes) or return to the main menu (No), either one of these options will result in the player spawning in the last checkpoint regardless if they select to go to the main menu without saving.

Loading screens

(top) Original loading screen and (bottom) updated loading screen on the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions.

All loading screens show tips and a small image on the bottom right corner of some type of cell from the vision of a microscope. By moving the control sticks around, it's possible to either blur or sharpen the image shown through the microscope.

In the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions of the game, whenever a loading screen has a tip related to a certain enemy, an image of that same enemy is shown next to the text, this is not present in the other versions.


The game has only one pre-determined ending that can't be changed.


In both the 3DS and HD versions, the results screen is the same. It shows the accuracy, deaths and clear time plus a rank for each of the three, then the overall rank of that chapter. When an episode is completed, the screen displays the results of the chapters within that episode and the overall rank of the episode. In the HD versions, the higher the rank, the more BP the player earns.


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