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This page is for information and options for Resident Evil: Revelations 2's main game.


Resident Evil: Revelations 2's Campaign is split into four episodes where each have two main segments, a Claire chapter and a Barry chapter. In some episodes the actions made in the Claire chapter will influence the Barry chapter, and also the main ending of the game.

The Campaign has no online co-op this time, however, the PS4's SharePlay feature allows for online co-op.

Items and weapons found are kept in the Workstation, which also makes a return from Resident Evil: Revelations. The inventory is kept from one difficulty to the other, in a New Game+ style.

The game features a Countdown Mode and Invisible Mode, in these modes there is one default difficulty and the inventory is not saved.


Main article: Difficulty

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 has four difficulty modes, Casual, Normal, Survival and No Escape. No Escape is only unlocked after Survival is finished, the other three difficulties are unlocked by default.

Clearing each difficulty unlocks different records and special rewards such as the Bowgun, Bubble Gun, Katana, Chicago Typewriter, etc.


The game features no manual saving, it will automatically save based on checkpoints.

Game over

The game over screen can be triggered in a few ways in the game, such as losing all health, being hit by a Glasp, failing certain sequences (e.g. standing still as Claire at the end of her chapter in Episode 4), dying from traps (such as the ones in Episode 2) and falling off the tower in Episode 4 as Claire/Moira or generally falling from too high up.

Supporting characters (Moira and Natalia) cannot die from losing all health, they will instead enter a downed state where they can't move and must be revived by the main character (Claire and Barry). Certain death traps or events can still kill the supporting character however.

Upon a game over screen, the player is given the option to retry from the last checkpoint, acquire and upgrade skills, change the difficulty setting (can change to a higher or lower difficulty) or quit to the main menu.

Loading screens

Main article: Loading screens (Revelations 2)

Loading screens in Resident Evil: Revelations 2 change depending on the mode being played. In the Campaign, the first loading screen when entering a chapter always shows one pre-determined Franz Kafka quote. Some doors feature loading screens during the campaign, depending on the door, the loading screen will be completely black or feature tips.


There are two endings in Resident Evil: Revelations 2, dubbed "Good Ending" and "Bad Ending", to get either of these depends on the choice made at the end of Episode 3: Judgment. If Claire finishes off Neil, the player will get the bad ending, if Moira finishes him off instead, the good ending will be triggered in Episode 4: Metamorphosis.

The player is able to tell which ending is active based on the Episode Select menu, when scrolling through episodes and having Episode 3 highlighted, an image of Claire and Moira will appear at the lower right corner of the screen, if Claire is at the front, the bad ending is active, if Moira is at the front, the good ending is active.

There are records and special rewards given when getting both endings.


The results screen is similar to that of Resident Evil 6, first, a list of medals the player has gotten is shown on screen, then their grade based on accuracy, retries and clear time. The results screen shows the Tower Emblems and Insect Larva that were in the chapter, alongside how many of them the player has found.

BP is given to the player based on the medals they have gotten in that chapter (with golden medals giving the most amount), the BP can then be traded for Gold, the currecy in Raid Mode, or used to unlock certain weapons, figurines, concept art, etc.


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