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For individual Majini groups, see Town Majini, Wetlands Majini, and Base Majini.

Majini is the term given to describe people who are suffering from disease caused by either the Type 2 or Type 3 Plagas. The term is a counterpart to "Ganado", a term applied to those suffering the distinct diseases caused by Type-1 and Type-4.


The word "majini" is Swahili in origin, and is the plural form of "jini", itself derived from the Arabic word "jinn" (جِنّ). This word refers to supernatural folkloric creatures such as genies, but is often applied to demonic forces. In the context of the Majini, this would describe them either as demonic or evil people.


The earliest known example of Majini occurred at some point after 2004, when Tricell developed their Type-2 Plaga species at a top-secret facility near Kijuju. In 2008, the Type-3 Plaga underwent human testing in the tribal marshlands near Kijuju, resulting in the Ndipaya men becoming Majini, with the women and children dying from complications manifesting in painful seizures.[1]

By the end of 2008, Tricell had implanted these Type-3 Plagas into a private security force it had hired to defend its laboratory, consisting largely of former soldiers from the country's recent civil war. As part of a field test to directly observe the proficiency of Plagas in guerrilla warfare, Type-2 was sold to an Islamist terrorist group based in nearby Kijuju. As part of the first stage of the experiment, an initial ten people were turned into Majini, and with their Plagas already pregnant were soon able to begin implanting more parasites into other people.[2] The second stage of the plan was to evaluate their violent tendencies,[2] and they were observed over several months to increase aggressive acts from political graffiti to dog mutilations, to sporadic rioting and finally to organised violence and massacres of foreigners.[3] The final stage of the plan was to observe their combat performance against trained military professionals.[2] This took place in March 2009 when the UN intervened in the conflict by sending in several squads of BSAA operators.

During the BSAA operation, the Majini held vastly superior numbers, but were primarily armed with knives and farming tools rather than firearms. In response, Tricell sent out Bio Organic Weapons to reinforce the Majini, and their combined strength wiped out the bulk of the BSAA force in the city. Reinforcements were brought in the following day to rescue survivors, but many fell to the Majini as well. By the afternoon, BSAA HQ ordered a retreat, and the Kijuju Majini won, if temporarily.

The Ndipaya in the marshlands and caverns, though unrelated to the revolt in Kijuju, were equally as aggressive towards outsiders. During the BSAA operation, several operators were killed as they investigated their village which was close to a Tricell-owned refinery linked to the bio-weapons dealer, Ricardo Irving. Fighting with fragmented BSAA forces in both locales exhausted the Ndipaya population, of whom all remaining tribesmen were serving in the army of Majini.

Further fighting took place the following night against the Base Majini, who held control of a dockyard and a Tricell carrier being used to smuggle bioweapons. The ship itself would sink from compromises to its superstructure, resulting in the deaths of all soldiers on board. Other Majini meanwhile made their move to the dockyards where the last of the BSAA still in Kijuju were approaching. With the use of firearms and a rocket launcher, they were successful in killing another BSAA pilot.

Following the demise of the three leaders of Tricell's bioweapons conspiracy, Dr. Albert Wesker, Excella Gionne and Irving, the BSAA mission was resolved, and surviving Majini in Kijuju were kept sealed behind a quarantine wall erected by the Army. Around this time, a mission by TerraSave to rescue the remaining non-Majini in the city took place, which was itself met by fierce fighting. Majini remained in the quarantine zone as late as July 2012, with many being killed by the Umbrella Corps to gather weapons data.[4]



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