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"Majini" is the name given to the people of the Kijuju Autonomous Zone who became hosts of Plaga Types 2 and 3. The word "majini" is derived from Swahili; literally meaning "wicked people," it can also be used to describe supernatural creatures.[1][2] Another name for such hosts is "Ganado", though that term is used exclusively for the Plaga incidents in Spain and the Eastern Slav Republic with no overlap. The Majini were effectively destroyed after the BSAA insertion into the region in March 2009, followed by an aid effort by TerraSave.


Majini have been seen to be created through two different methods: injection and forced implanting. In the latter, another Majini will force a mature Plaga down the victim's throat until it gains control of their central nervous system. One of the benefits of Tricell's modified Plagas is that they reproduce inside the host; the injection of eggs in 2004 to create Ganado allowed time for people to destroy the creature before it could grow into its mature state and take over their bodies.[3]


A Kijujuan immediately reacting to Plaga implantation. The mutation into a Majini is faster than with Ganados.

Majini retain their intellect, unlike creatures such as Zombies, and can communicate with one another by talking as well as use tools and drive vehicles. As with the Ganados, the Plaga still has a negative impact on rational thought. Unlike the Plagas used by Los Iluminados in 2004, Tricell's Plagas do not respond to orders from a distinct "dominant-species Plaga" (though it's possible for them to be controlled such as by Albert Wesker), meaning the Majini have no fixed leader figure.

Further notes

  • Resident Evil 5's extended E3 2007 trailer showed the Majini having more than two [Break free] attacks. A Majini can be seen lunging head-on at Chris' stomach, with a second Majini grabbing him from behind and slamming his head towards the ground.



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