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The Mama Mold (development code: "WM-001") is an enemy that appears in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Exclusive to the Not A Hero DLC mini-game, it serves as a boss encounter.

History Edit

The Mama Mold is encountered by Chris Redfield within part of the Salt Mines as he's preparing to rescue one of his teammates. He soon discovered that the creature was impossible to kill with conventional methods, forcing him to retreat from it as he sought out his comrade.

Later on, Chris encounters it again on his way to defuse the bomb that was put on his wrist by Lucas. After a long battle, he finally managed to put it down for good.

Biology Edit

The Mama Mold is an improved variant of the Fat Molded/Alpha E-Type. Although it retains the key aspects of a normal Fat Molded (a hefty frame, similar sounds, and vomit coming from its mouth), it is lighter in tone and significantly larger than its counterpart, with strands of hair on its body and a massive resistance to conventional weaponry. It also has a substantially different facial and head structure compared to the normal Fat Molded, as its head has a different set of eyes, a mouth and even a split on the cranium. Due to its more "feminine" features, it is believed that this mutation was born from a female human victim, hence its name.

In addition to vomit, the Mama Mold also spews out Little Crawlers.


When the Mama Mold is first encountered in Work Sector A after using the Crank to lower down the Cell Key. It is highly advised to simply avoid it; nothing in Chris's arsenal can harm it. Later on, Chris is forced to fight it, but he will be sufficiently equipped to deal with the creature. The Mama Mold fights similarly to a Fat Molded, but it also has the ability to spawn Little Crawlers.


  • Unlike the Fat Molded, it does not have the vomit counterattack. However, it has a new attack that allows it to spawn offspring to attack Chris. Additionally, being within close proximity of the vomit also hurts Chris.
  • Like the Fat Molded, however, it does have the signature charging and scratching charge attack in long-range situations. It's advised to stay within a reasonable range of it to make sure it does not perform such an attack, or to simply block it to avoid taking damage.
  • Upon death, it too will explode and can damage Chris.


Avoid staying too close or too far from the Mama Mold while shooting it with your best weaponry. Due to the tight space of the boss fight with the Mama Molded, it will be hard to avoid some of its attacks altogether. The boss is also extremely resilient, and may take a couple minutes to finish off, even with the use of the Anti-Regen Ammo, and will also likely consume most of your ammunition, even on lower difficulties. When stunned, Chris can perform an uppercut punch on the creature which does high damage and knock the creature back.

When it creates its offspring, a simple knife attack can deal with them, though it's advised not to focus too much on them, as the Mama Mold may not be far from them.

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