Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Man-eating insects (young) (食人虫(幼体) shokujin mushi (yōtai)?) are enemies that appear in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.



The Man-eating insects were the result of hybridizing various insect species brought upon by Marguerite Baker through experimentation with the Mold. Responsible for their creation, Marguerite would often refer to them as her "babies".

The Man-eating insects have similar anatomy to crane flies and mosquitoes, while also displaying traits of black flies and wasps, all of which are extremely common insect species in the swampland's of Louisiana. They have mutated to abnormally large sizes far beyond the capability of any ordinary insect.

Young Man-eating insects behave similarly to black flies and wasps, living in nests and swarming a target to attack. Adults appear less dependent of each other, straying away from the swarm behaviors seen in younger forms. They sport large stingers with which to attack, as well as wasp-like mandables for biting when provoked.

They were controlled and presumably infected by Marguerite Baker, even having a symbiotic relationship with her, as she had the ability to summon them in swarms to attack. Marguerite was also capable of birthing them and creating a nest through her own nest type mold mutation that enveloped her stomach and groin area in her mutated state.


These can be spawned by Marguerite and from hives. These creatures attack by swarming the player and do continuous damage. The creatures are extremely vulnerable to fire based weapons like the Burner and the Grenade Launcher. Although in order to get rid of them permanently in most cases, the source must be destroyed by either incapacitating Marguerite or by destroying the hives.



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