Mansion Foyer (AC-001) is an Action Card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game. It is one of the most basic Action cards in the game, first introduced int the base set.


Mansion Foyer has a Gold Cost of 30, and its simple effect allows the player the uses it to draw 2 cards from their inventory. Its simple and easy to use, but its not very good if the player's strategy involves stacking Actions. Gaining more cards is always a good thing, and there are many strategies that this card could easily fit into. The second Jack Krauser card in Alliance makes good use of the extra cards, since the second Krauser card increases its base Damage based on how many cards are in the player's hand. The Gatling Gun, which bases its damage on how many ammo cards are in the players hand, can also benefit from this card if the player's deck is built around it early on.

The card's artwork depicts the front foyer of the Spencer Mansion, the main setting of the first Resident Evil, and the place where the game begins. The cards effect may be based on the foyers usefulness in Jill Valentine's scenario; Barry Burton would often give useful items to Jill in the foyer, such as the Lockpick and Acid Rounds.

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