Mansion Incident 3 is third part of the titular section of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles's "Mansion Incident" scenario.


Chris and Jill explore the underground Laboratory and face the Tyrant (T-002 Model) twice. The final segment ends with the death of the Tyrant and the evacuation of Chris, Jill and Rebecca.


Chris Redfield: "Something big was going down here..."

Jill Valentine: "I have a bad feeling about this. Be careful."

Chris: "Is this where everyone else is?"

Jill: "I'm sure of it! Let's hurry!"
"The power's out."

Chris: "There must be a switch."

Jill: "This is where they control the power."

Chris: "Let's get it up and running!"
"Now the elevator should work."

Cutscene: Mansion Incident 3 scene 1

Chris: "No! How could they keep something like that here!?"

Jill: "I can't believe it."
"All of this was his doing?"

Chris: "No time to worry about that now! We have to take this thing down!"

Jill: "A self-destruct device. We better get out of here. Now!"

Brad Vickers (radio): "This is Brad. If there's anyone alive, contact me now."

Jill: "Brad!"

Brad: "I'm at the heliport, but I'm running out of fuel."
"This is your last chance! Is anyone out there!?"

Chris: "The heliport... This way!"

Cutscene: "Mansion Incident 3 scene 2"

Chris: "This way! We can radio Brad for help!"
"What the!?"
"Persistent one, isn't he!?"

Jill: "We've got nowhere to run!"

Chris: "We idn't come this far to die now."
"We need to take him out!"

Jill: "It's not working!"

Chris: "It must have a weakness! What is it..."

Brad (radio): "Chris! Jill! Are you OK!?"
"It's too windy, it's hard to get any closer!"
"Hold on!"
"Chris, use this!"
"Kill the thing, whatever it is!"




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