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The Mansion Incident 3 scene 1is the cutscene that plays in the last part of the "Mansion Incident" level of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.

Plot synopsis

Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine entered the Culture tank room while cautiously observing their surroundings. Unbeknownst to them, however, the S.T.A.R.S. leader, Captain Albert Wesker, is also in the room hiding behind one of the tanks, also proceeding to inject himself with an unknown purple fluid. Chris then manages to find a clipboard and after walking to some light sees schematics for a Bio Organic Weapon known as the Tyrant, and eventually finds the creature in question in a large culture tank alongside Jill after putting the billboard down. He then hears a voice calling his name, causing him to turn around and see Wesker pointing his Samurai Edge at them, who then stated that Chris had made him proud. Chris is surprised that Wesker is present in the room. Wesker then informs the two while walking towards them that the night had been excellent, as he managed to collect all the data relating to Umbrella's biological weaponry, and then adds in that the data included the B.O.W.s' performance against trained flesh-and-blood combatants. Jill, realizing that Wesker was referring to the other S.T.A.R.S. members with that last statement, accuses Wesker of having set the team up. Wesker then confirms Jill's accusation, or at least, that had been what the Umbrella Corporation intended for him to do. He then reveals while taking out a remote stick that he is in fact planning to betray Umbrella as well since he no longer needed them. Upon pressing a button on the stick, the Tyrant's heart starts beating and the culture tank starts draining the culture fluid, with Wesker identifying it as the ultimate lifeform. Wesker then proceeds to admire it, with the Tyrant then proceeding to awaken and proceed to impale Wesker through the abdomen with its blade arm upon shattering the containment field, to the shock of Chris and Jill. As Wesker groans in agony while being lifted up, a female PA cracks on and declares that the self-destruct system had been activated just as the Tyrant throws Wesker's corpse towards the other end of the room. The Tyrant then proceeds to turn and face Chris and Jill as the PA gives an immediate evacuation order for all personnel at the Arklay Laboratory.


The Japanese transcript was obtained from[1]

Albert Wesker: Chris, you make me proud!

Chris Redfield: Wesker!?

Wesker: Tonight was an excellent night for collecting data on Umbrella's biological weaponry and its performance against trained flesh-and-blood combatants.

Jill Valentine: You... You set the team up?

Wesker: Excellent deduction, Jill. That was Umbrella's intention anyway. However, I don't need them anymore.

Wesker: The ultimate lifeform... Tyrant. It's beautiful...

PA: Emergency. The self-destruct system has been activated. All personnel must evacuate immediately.

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