Further notes
  • Manuela shares the same name of the daughter of the drug lord that Javier Hidalgo was based on, Pablo Escobar.
  • Manuela is the only person to be infected with the t-Veronica virus that is able to control it and retain her human form.
  • Manuela shares some similarities with Alexia Ashford; both display flammable blood as a result of being infected with the t-Veronica virus, and both sing a lullaby to a person they loved (Alexia sings to Alfred, while Manuela sings to her mother).
  • If the player takes over 10 minutes to defeat Javier, Manuela loses too much blood from the fight and fades away into embers. If Javier is defeated under 10 minutes, she survives and is taken into the custody of the U.S. government under strict surveillance (this is the official ending, as the secret Krauser ending also has her survive).
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