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"Wish me luck..."
— María to her father Diego.

María Gómez (マリア・ゴメス Maria Gomesu?) was a mysterious, quiet and calm woman who served as an assistant of Glenn Arias, alongside her father Diego Gómez. She was said to be physically enhanced and modified although how extensively remains unclear.[1] Rarely showing any emotions, unless around her father, she actively and methodically worked to carry out Glenn's plan to destroy the world until his and her father's death. Following their deaths she would agree to work with Dylan Blake in seeking vengeance on the parties responsible by developing a new viral bio-weapon.


Early life[]


María at the wedding

Originally María was an ordinary human and friend of former CIA agent turned black market weapons dealer Glenn Arias, much like her father Diego. That all changed however on the day of Glenn's wedding to his partner, Sarah, when the U.S. government ordered a smart bomb to be dropped on the wedding site. While Glenn miraculously survived unscathed, Sarah and most of the wedding guests were killed. The only other survivors were María, who lost the use of her right eye, and Diego, who was seriously injured and required an infection with the Animality Virus and extensive surgical modifications to survive, things which left him a mute muscle bound monstrosity similar to Umbrella's Tyrants. After the incident, María swore revenge on the world alongside her father and Glenn. To aid her in her quest for vengeance she underwent unspecified experimentation and received an unknown number of physical, and possibly mental enhancements. While the exact nature of most of these enhancements were undisclosed one of them apparently included her being exposed to the vaccine for the Animality virus in order to protect her from being infected and keep her safe from the mutants created by the virus.

A-Virus Incidents and New York outbreak (2014)[]

After her modifications she and her father would act as Glenn's agents in spreading the dormant form of the Animality virus via contaminated bottled water so that once enough people had drunk it the virus could be activated with a trigger strain thus destroying humanity and resetting the world. Following the BSAA catching wind of the plot María would later assist Glenn in confronting BSAA agent Chris Redfield in a mansion in Mexico, releasing the zombified former undercover agent Cathy White against Chris which distracted him long enough for Glenn and his associates to flee.


Maria kidnapping Chambers

Later, on Glenn's orders, María led a bio-terrorist attack on Rebecca Chambers' laboratory, at the Alexander Institute of Biotechnology‏‎ in Chicago in order to try and halt development of a vaccine to the A-Virus. While successful in using the trigger strain to zombify Rebecca's colleague Aaron along with the other researchers, she failed to infect Rebecca herself, due to her having injected herself with the prototype vaccine, something which gave Rebecca enough time to be saved by Chris. Later when Rebecca and Chris went to a bar in Colorado to speak with DSO agent Leon S. Kennedy, María attacked Rebecca at the bar's restroom, strangling her until she was unconscious and then abducting her while her father covered their escape with a minigun, an act which killed Patricio, a former intermediary for Los Iluminados and Arias, and prevented Chris and Leon from interfering.


María knocked unconscious

Following this María said goodbye to her father before heading out to enact Glenn's plan to release the gaseous trigger virus on the population of New York, but was injured when BSAA agents fired from a plane and blew up the tanker truck she was guarding.

After Arias and Diego used the A-virus to fuse together into a creature resembling a Tyrant only to be killed by the combined effort of Chris, Leon, Nadia and an operative named D.C., María headed back to Arias’ headquarters and found her father's mask in the ruins. Realizing her father had died María swore vengeance towards the parties responsible, especially Leon who she held a special grudge toward due to the fact he and his associates last minute interference in the battle between Arias and Chris had directly lead to her father’s death.

San Francisco Serial Murders and Alcatraz Outbreak (2015)[]

"I am glad the virus didn't kill you. I wanted to be the one do it."
— María to Leon
Death Island 34

María with Blake on Alcatraz Island

Over the course of the year following the New York bioterrorist attack, María was contacted by Dylan Blake an acquaintance and business associate of Arias. Blake revealed he planned on targeting Leon, Chris, Claire Redfield, and Jill Valentine as he blamed the organizations and government they were employed by for prolonging and intensifying the War on Terror through corruption, incompetence, and inaction. Sharing a mutual grudge, María accepted the offer to work with Blake and the pair proceeded to pool the immense resources they acquired from taking over A-GUA Industries, the commercial front of the crime syndicate led by Arias in the bioweapons black market. They established a base of operations in an abandoned armory underneath Alcatraz Island, a leftover from when the island was a military outpost, where they proceeded to work on the engineering of a non-transmissible T-Virus strain. Blake and Gómez also began work on a set of experimental Mosquito derived and shaped Bio-Drones that could be used to infect individual targets without causing an outbreak. Initial tests were conducted on twelve individuals in San Francisco however the drones development progress proved too slow.

Death Island - Leon vs Maria

María prevents Leon from rescuing Dr. Taylor.

In order to speed up their plan, Dylan has María fund armed men to kidnap lead DARPA robotics engineer Dr. Antonio Taylor, who was wanted by the government for selling classified information to foreign entities outside of US. While overseeing the operation, María spotted Leon trying to rescue Dr. Taylor and proceeded to ram his bike with her own. After ramming each other, Maria jumps off her damaged bike onto Leon's and triggered his handbrake before leaping off causing the bike to abruptly screech to a halt. The abrupt stop hurled Leon forward and left his bike in pieces while María leaped onto a passing pickup truck and escaped along with the kidnappers. Once back at the island, María kept watch over Dr. Taylor as he worked on the drones. Taylor succeeded in completing work on the prototype drones with Blake then pushing for immediate mass-production, though not before sadistically torturing Taylor by forcing him to play a game of Russian Roulette with a loaded gun, a game which Taylor luckily manages to survive. Shortly afterwards, the San Francisco murder trail caused by the test subjects lead to the appearance of Chris, Claire, Jill who had managed to connect the seemingly random incidents together to Alcatraz. Unknown to them this was all part of Dylan’s plan for revenge. Now having successfully lured them to the island, Dylan then initiates an outbreak on Alcatraz leading to some of the tourists being infected by the new drones. The infected then proceed to start slaughtering the non-infected tourists, seemingly leaving the trio of heroes as the only survivors, though Jill would be temporarily separated from the Redfield siblings in the confusion. While the outbreak is occurring however, Dr. Taylor escaped capture and went into hiding.

Death Island 26

María confronts Kennedy for the last time.

Upon realizing Taylor has escaped Maria seemed somewhat concerned, but Dylan shrugs off the escape attempt as futile. As a precautionary measure though, Dylan orders Maria to recapture Dr. Taylor with Maria eventually finding him along with the Redfield siblings after Dylan had infected and incapacitated the siblings with his drones. Weakened and cornered the trio are easy prey for María who captures and imprisons all three. Following this Dylan would contact Jill and the newly arrived Leon and lure them to the prison block after revealing the Redfields had been caught. While Leon and Jill were examining their friends and Dr. Taylor, Dylan and María would make their appearance and without warning Leon would be stung by a drone and subdued by María who takes pleasure in harming him. Dylan shoots Dr. Taylor which enrages Jill, distracting her and allowing María to incapacitate her. However seeing an opportunity, Leon tossed a flash-bang which allows Jill to fight Maria off and escape. Angered, Maria prepared to kill Leon, but Dylan halted her by telling her to let them suffer through their infection while they advanced to the final stages of their plan. Pacified by this idea Maria follows Dylan to the control room in the armory where he releases bio-drones from the Larval Lickers they had been using as hosts.

"I will make you pay for killing my father."
— María while fighting Leon
Death Island 35

María dies

Afterwards, Dylan ordered María to open the facility’s floodgate which allowed Dylan to summon a shark BOW known as the Megalodon. A short time later Leon, now on the mend thanks to the timely arrival of Rebecca with a cure, heads to the control room and attempts to halt the release of the drones. Before he can do this though, Leon is confronted by María who is exhilarated to see he survived and states that she will be the one to take his life. The two then engaged in a brawl; however Leon, still sluggish due to the cure not having had enough time to fully work, found himself on the back foot. Gaining the upper-hand on Leon, María proceeded to knock him about the room and pushes him through several glass writing boards breaking a piece of a metal rod near him. Before she can kill him though, Leon's stamina finally returns to him and with this he was able to find an opening and kicked Maria backwards onto the same contorted rod, impaling her in the chest. Despite managing to free herself, María then collapsed and died from excessive blood loss, with her last thoughts being about how she failed to avenge her father.[2]

Personality and Relationships[]

Not much is known about María's personality before her enhancement. From what was seen in the movies she seemed to be a frosty woman of few words and only seems to show any sort of emotion when it concerned her father Diego or Arias.[3] During Vendetta she was shown to care for her father greatly, gently holding his hand while speaking to him lovingly, and after his death angrily sought revenge for him. She was also shown to be immensely loyal to Arias and acted on his behalf numerous times, infecting the University Rebecca worked at and later abducting her at Arias' request.

Skills and Abilities[]

Unlike her father, María seemed to be relatively unscathed by the bombing of Arias' wedding, only losing the use of her right eye in the process. This did not seem to hinder her in any way though as María throughout her appearances demonstrated various skills pertaining to stealth, strength and speed. On several instances she silently snuck up on several targets and incapacitated or killed them without the slightest hint they were aware of her. As shown by the events in San Francisco she also possessed great skill in hand-to-hand combat, acrobatics, and motorcycle driving with her successfully managing to fight off Leon and cause him to crash his bike while she escaped unscathed. As she was not attacked by the A-virus creatures, she presumably was given the vaccine strain of the virus much like Arias. Possibly due to this her strength was greatly enhanced compared to an average person as during Vendetta she was able to carry an unconscious Rebecca Chambers on her shoulder with ease and without showing any signs of exhaustion. Furthermore during the events of Death Island she not only managed to lift Leon into the air by the throat with just one hand but also was shown to be able to bend metal and smash part of a concrete pillar on Alcatraz with her strikes without any signs of discomfort.



Death Island[]

Further notes[]

  • Maria's role in the Death Island manga is mainly the same, with only some differences in her final fight with Leon. She starts the fight out aggressively, even attempting to stab Leon in the eye with the end of her heel. Leon also manages to use his gun a bit more to counter and keep some distance. The fight ends quicker, with Leon managing to break-free from Maria's full-nelson grab, he punches her stunning her eyes; Leon lands the final kick knocking Maria into the contorted rod. Maria laments not being able to get revenge, as Leon hugs and comforts her while she dies.


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